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Secret Santa with your favorite Destructoid ho-ho-hoes!


December is approaching fast, and that means snow, sweets, and something about Jesus. More importantly, December means gifts! Whether you celebrate a blatantly racist holiday on December 5th or you get a visit from Santa on Christmas Eve, gifts is what this time of year is all about.

Now tell me this: what better gift is there than the gift of video games? Gold? Frankincense? A coupon for a free Mike Martin handjob? Surely these don't measure up to a game or two, or even some gaming swag.

That's why we on Destructoid like to hold our very own Secret Seacrest Santa, and you can sign up now.
Click this link, add the necessary information and you're good to go!
You can also drop by on the Forums (we have them) if you have questions.

Just so you guys don't cock the whole thing up, here's how it works:
We (and by we I mean mostly Darren) collect the names of everyone who wants in; click that link above to have your name added. Then we shuffle them around in our patented e-hat. Once you lot have all been good and randomized, we draw your virtual names to see who you'll be giving gifts this year.

The gift you send your lucky recipient can be anything you'd like them to have. There's a spending limit set up for $30, but you should be able to find plenty for that kind of money. You can always go by the wishlist that'll be sent to you or by their Steam wishlist, but you can also be devious and send them Revelations 2012 or something similarly dickish. They might hate you for it though, so is it worth the risk?
Yes. Yes it is.

- Us heroes, we have so much to do

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