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Tomorrow's Charity Stream Ideas


Credit to Nightfable at http://nightfable.deviantart.com/ Jack is so hot.

Tomorrow morning I start the charity stream I mentioned a couple days ago. I have a lot to prepare before now and then, including what exactly I even want to do. I figure since it's hot right now and I haven't finished it, I'll do a fresh game of Fallout 4 and try to push to the end in 24 hours. If I finish it in that time, I'll go back to my current character or play something else. I could spend half the time in character creation, but that's no fun. That's where you come in.

Leave me comments below with ideas for what kind of character I should build! Rage filled and selling sex as a means to an end? Immorally persuasive with a penchant for petty theft? Strong and stupid enough to make Grognak jealous? Some mix of them all? I really wish you could dual wield so I could make a Daredevil build with stun batons, but give me your ideas! The name will be Punchfucker regardless of gender/abilities. Get to it, and I hope I see you tomorrow during the stream!

Catch it right here!

- You know what ol' Jon Bloodspray always says at a time like this?

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