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Cblogs of 11/7/15 - No time to explain. Been busy lately.


Anyway, the main star of last week's episode "Here's not here" was Morgan (who, funny enough, is played by British actor Lennie James — that segueway, am I right?). The episode focused on the time gap between the last time Rick saw Morgan (all the way back in Season 3's "Clear") and his journey to Alexandria in Season 5. It's really cool to see Morgan transform from the paranoid killer that slaughters humans and Walkers alike, to a zen-like monk who fights with a bo staff. As someone who really likes origin stories, it really helps set the episodes apart.

However, the best thing is the slow reveals over the episode. I can't spoil anything, but as the episode keeps rolling, you'll see little nods and references sprinkled throughout that the present episodes hinted at. They also somehow manage to truly develop one character in a single episode, and how his story helps Morgan become the man that he is today. If you haven't seen "Here's not here" by now, you really should. Just know that, again, it's a slow episode, but I really enjoyed it.

The only thing left to say is that I've been really into bestiality hentai lately (because actual bestiality is apparently "illegal," damn it) and I REALLY wanted to blog about it. Maybe one day, my friends. Maybe one day. 8^8


* - VeryImportantQuestion actually does ask a very important question: how much is too much? He's been quite the busy bee lately, taking on so many projects at once, but he still has time to relax and unwind because it's not just for fun; it's almost necessary.

* - I may be alone in liking infographics, but CJ Andriessen takes the time to make one for the not-so-fun data he gathered from the "Dtoid Designs" Super Mario Maker community showcase!

* - Silly Tony Ponce finds the idea of making Super Mario Bros. levels in Super Mario Maker to be so unoriginal, and decides to remake a couple of levels from the Mega Man series to see how the fat plumber would fair.

* - Did you think the Animal Crossing series is all just happy, light-hearted video games? WELL, YOU'RE WRONG. IT'S FUCKING HARDCORE AND EVERYTHING YOU DO DOESN'T MATTER BECAUSE YOU'RE WORTHLESS AND WILL PROBABLY DIE ALONE IN A FETAL POSITION. Don't believe me? Believe Amna Umen.


A - Though you read you read all the facepalm-worthy articles out there, TheKodu rounds up a couple that you might've missed... because your palm was in your face.

B - Fitzen breaks his blogging virginity by answering he "Thankful it's over" blog prompt about the most annoying sections in video games. He decides the worst has to be Mission 29 in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom. This blog contains spoilers though, so read at your own risk!

S - Riobix keeps on trucking through Borderlands 2 with his "Venture into the Borderlands" series, now with even more alcoholism, Angels, Handsome Jack, and creepy radio transmissions.


R - ChrisHannard finds the premise of statues that'll only move when you aren't looking to be interesting enough to play Statues, but it's not a perfect game. Should you move towards this title, or simply look away?


C - As cool as it is to catapult rotting cow carcesses and basically play "Bread Simulator" in Stronghold Crusader, I would think CWasp would have a lot more to say about his favorite game.

- Dreamweaver


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