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What headlines would make you absolutely shit yourself out of excitement?


Like the title says, just post headlines that would make you extremely excited to hear. I'll edit this post to include whatever you guys say.

"Platinum Games and Sony Evolution Studios to reboot prestigious wipE'out" series, Dub FX, Madeon, DZZ in tow for soundtrack"

"Madeon to score Mirrors Edge: Catalyst"

"Klonoa 3 announced for May 2016 release, to include 'massive length' and 'open hub world'"

"Ankama Games, developers of Wakfu, announce video game adaptation of electronic album 'Worlds' by Porter Robinson"

"Driver: San Francisco 2 announced, with a 5x larger map, more varied regions, improved incidental dialogue, more licensed cars, and boats"


"Sony announces Bushido Blade for PSN."


"Rocksteady to develop 007 game"

"Namco releases trailer for Tekken X Street Fighter, announces Tekken Force mode"

"Ex-Burnout devs buy the license to Crazy Taxi"


    "The NX has all of the third party support, is everything we want it to be & is launching with a new 3D Mario/Zelda game. Also they've confirmed a new good Metroid game!"


    "Mother 3 coming to the West in 2016"

    "Viewtiful Joe 3 coming to all consoles in 2016"

    "Disney partners with Nintendo on Splatoon animated film"

    "New Chibi Robo plays like Minecraft but happier"

    "Burgertime! getting it's own live action TV series starring Tim and Eric"

    "Rhythm Heaven Chorus Kids coming to Smash Bros."

    "Gamergate over, everyone wins" (lol)

    ~Jonathan Holmes

    "Shadow Hearts being rebooted for PS4."


    "Nintendo buys rights to Mega Man from Capcom."

    "Rare Replay Collection headed to PC."

    "Platinum Games announces Kill La Kill game."

    "Bayonetta confirmed for Super Smash Bros."

    "Devil May Cry 5 coming out in 2016."

    "Guillermo Del Toro starts game studio with Hideo Kojima"

    "I am Bread developers announce Mr. Bill: The Game"

    And just because it would cause the biggest Shit Storm ever:

    "Valve has finally announced Half Life 3...... as an exclusive for the Steam Box."


    "Sega announces long awaited sequel to Jet Set Radio Future."


    "Kate Upton's biggest turn on is men shitting their pants!" (sure why not)

    ~CJ Andriessen

    "World peace finally announced, all wars stopped" (getting a little cheeky here...)


    "Konami announces completion of their initiative to lace dtoiders drinks with explosive laxatives"

    "Sony to actually give a shit about the Vita"

    "Fallout 4 announced again, somehow"

    " [Insert a beloved older game here], System shock 2 remake that changes nothing but the graphics"

    "Bioshock Infinite retroactively canceled, condemned to the deepest pits of tarturus"

    "All dtoid editors to be frankensteined together in an attempt to try and match chris carters output and speed"


    "Capcom announces Street Fighter VS Mortal Kombat"

    "New F-Zero announced, with 30-players online mode"


    "Anyone announces a new mainline Suikoden game, and it is going to be released in the west."

    ~Lord Spencer

    "Quantum Break revealed as practical joke to hide Alan Wake 2 development."

    "Half-Life 3 already on Steam in surprise, Beyonce-style stealth-release! Get it now!"

    "Microsoft releasing next Forza on PC with full mod support"

    "From Software buys up Drakan IP, plans for a massive, brutal adventure."

    "Turn 10 buys Rollcage IP, plans to bring attention-to-detail to sci-fi racing."


    "Scientists develop free, unlimited, renewable energy source and has disseminated it to all countries for free.

    "In other news, Banpresto has announced all Super Robot Wars titles will be getting a western release with full English subtitles."

    ~Robo Panda Z

    "Warner Bros. relinquish rights to all Mortal Kombat & DC Comics videogames"

    "Rocksteady announce Birds of Prey game"

    "Fallout 4 outgrosses weekend sales of Twix"

    "Destructoid to unveil user private message feature"

    "World remembers that its OrochiLeona's birthday tomorrow"

    "Konami releases all IP rights, says: 'We're so sorry about everything. Do what you want with them'"


    "Valkyrie Profile 3: Hrist is announced on PC 2018" (long wait so game can be fucking good as it should be)

    "F-Zero NX announced for Nintendo NX as Launch title, will include tracks and racers from F-Zero GX as a bonus"

    "Radiata Stories ported to PC and available in Europe"

    "Baten Kaitos Collection announced for 3DS including both Eternal Wings and Origins, coming to Europe 2017" (because i'll have enough to play in 2016)

    "Mount And Blade Developer Taleworlds and Blizzard Entertainment collaborate to make a new Warcraft game set just before the events of Warcraft 1 and onwards. Will incorporate game play elements from Mount And Blade"

    ~Terry 309

    "Shovel Knight AND Shantae Confirmed for Smash 4"

    "Toon Ganon added to Smash 4, so people can be disrespectful with bare hands or swords"

    "Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island re-released in HD with the ability to switch between Islands, Story, and Yarn graphical designs, because we realize we just can't make a sequel as good as it, also we added more 'Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy' levels"

    "Arcades are popular in the U.S. again, expect more to be built before you're too old so you don't seem creepy"

    "Bloody Roar rebooted using 2's roster by any company with fighting game experience."

    "Tomba available on Steam."

    "A proper sequel to Legend of Legaia is being developed, available on all platforms."

    "Senran Kagura x HyperDimension Neptunia Announced."

    "New Sonic Game, collaboration between Yacht Club Games and SEGA: 10/10, Way past cool."

    "Silent Hill Franchise, through divine intervention, now owned by Frictional Games, asks original Team Silent to oversee a sequel."

    "Chibi-Robo recognized as niche game, Nintendo collaborating with XSEED to find a proper small developer."

    "Enthusiasts develop a way to make the NES Zapper games work with modern televisions, device/mod surprisingly cheap, available for $30."

    "Patch for Jak and Daxter HD collection released fixing the goddamn punch animation."

    "Offspring and Bad Religion lending talent to new Crazy Taxi game, expect to see it in those aforementioned arcades."

    "Pokemon Stadium 3: 50 minigames confirmed in addition to originals being included."

    "Medievil 3 announced, LinkSlayer64 promises to buy a PS4."

    "Space Channel 5: Season 1 announced, Sonic Teams promises to do proper amount of cocaine to ensure storyline is as batshit as the previous"

    "Kingdom Hearts 3 coming to PC, and no longer delayed to 2017"

    ~LinkSlayer64 (BLOODY HELL MAN)

    "Platinum officially bought by Nintendo, confirmed to be working with Retro on Metroid Prime 4"

    "Kojima and Del Toro launch KS campaign for 20 million to fund development of Silent Hills spiritual successor, gets fully funded within an hour"

    "Japanese government passes law making pachinko machines illegal."

    "Konami files for bankruptcy after recent law passing, sells all IPs to Nintendo."

    "Nintendo fully purchases Fatal Frame IP rights from Koei Tecmo, announces HD Remake of FF4 for Wii U"

    "Nintendo announces GC games on VC"

    "Nintendo announces Eternal Darkness sequel for Wii U, original game will be included on disc with first print copies."

    "Indivisible fully funded!"

    ~Edgy Dude

    - I wanted to give them strength. And so, I become god...

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