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They call me spooky: The beauty of solitude


I come to this place of rest once more, reflecting on where I've been and what I've seen. Sometimes it's a campfire, a sanctuary, a coffin or a terminal, but it's a place I can stop and catch my breath before deciding to call it a night or continue my journey.

Some days, I never see another living soul. Or, at least, a soul that doesn't wish me harm is a rare sight. Often it's a pirate, a lost soul or creature within a ruin, a castle or subterranean labyrinth. To be fair, I'm an intruder and they're right to meet me with hostility. I have a mission, an obligation or a duty to perform. I have to stop them and they must stop me.

And then, we meet. After all the horrors and beasts, the mazes and ballrooms, a single soul imprints upon me or asks what my purpose is. Or perhaps it's just a phantom appearing for a moment by the fire, resting just as I came to do.

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