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Sonic Boom is (still) here to stay (and I really should be doing homework.)


Seems like Sonic Boom is the best thing to happen to Sonic the Hedgehog, as depressing as that sounds for the 'classic' bandage-less Sonic fan, but who fucking cares what we think anymore regarding the future of this franchise. I mean look at this commercial for plushies, it's so happy and the children seem like their having a great time, a far cry from the pissing and moaning of jaded teens and adults from the old fanbase. It speaks of "yes, we're sticking to this shit, we're making money, either like it or fuck off." I still haven't watched the TV show nor played the games (because those are shit, that I'm sure) but this video is almost telling me "I don't care, because you see these kids? They're my bitches now!"

I really, really should be doing homework now, honestly.

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