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Star Wars: Battlefront Beta Discussion

Gaming Discussion time. This time I'm gonna be covering the Star Wars: Battlefront beta

I know it's actually a lot to ask for, but I was really hoping that EA/DICE would treat this more like the CoD Black Ops 3 beta and trickle out more content, modes, unlocks etc. over the space of the beta length. Kind of bummed it didn't.

I gotta say, I've beta tested a LOT of games across a lot of different genres and even consoles, but the Black Ops 3 beta was bar none my favorite. There was a new feature of some sort unlocked almost every single day of the beta time during the PS4 beta. Kept me wanting to come and play it every single day. Got me really excited to play the final product as well, as I had a blast with the beta.

Now then, based on my experienced with this game's beta...it's kind of exactly what I assumed it would be. A watered down, Star Wars skinned Battlefield game. I mean, it was fun, controls were tight, graphics were stellar...but it just felt a bit lacking. Very samey. The unlocking and progression system felt lacking and honestly kind of tacked on. I wish we could have gotten a taste of character customization here, because anytime I'd play on the Rebel side I kept wishing I could make my dopey ass character look different. And I'd just like to see how deep that customization goes.

I played several dozen matches in both multiplayer modes and felt the game could benefit GREATLY from some sort of class system which Battlefield has employed for years now. Especially with how little customization you actually have over your loadout.

Much like in a Battlefield game, I felt that unless you're playing with friends and in a squad/party that the game often came down to shocktrooper tactics of running for a minute into the battlefield, and then dying near immediately while trying to make a dent of some sort. Vehicles seemed far more scarce than the average BF game, so there was a LOT of running.

And I know it's a minor complaint, but I hated how every gun had the same zoomed in, almost sniper like scope, rather than actually using iron sights or the like.

That said, as mentioned above the game WAS fun and seems to do the Star Wars name justice. And the graphics are undeniably gorgeous, some of the best I've seen in a shooter actually.

And if you're going to end up playing this to live out a Star Wars fantasy, you're probably going to be pleased. The Hoth mission felt like a great video game interpretation of the same battle from the film. And playing as Darth Vader made me feel like a supreme badass, as it should have.

There IS A lot of potential here, the groundwork, while not amazing to me was still very solid. I just wish the beta had allowed us to see a bit more of what's going to be on offer in the final product. Hell, some of my complaints could be completely absent in the final product, but I just don't know yet.

To be completely honest, if this were coming out at a time that WASN'T in the same month as Black Ops 3 I think I'd be a lot more excited about it. I like the subject matter better here, but the BO3 beta just showed that its final product may very well offer up much more content as a whole. At the end of the day, if you're going to be playing one of these games with it being a multiplayer shooter first and foremost I just felt like BO3 brought a lot more to the table, at least based off of these betas.

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