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Video Game Music Compilation 48 - The Grid Defender 2 Special (plus a not VGM)


*Author's Note*
This is the first thing I've written freely in a long time. It is also the first VGMC I've written in a long time, so excuse me if I'm rusty in any way. I know you fellas and gals are used to the most absolutely solid work from you boy ScreamAid, but your boy is a tad out of practice, so give me a break, will you? You're obviously here for the music anyways, so why don't I just shut up and share some music already?

This VGMC, the 48th in the series, is a special one. Not only does it go over the small but still notable OST of Grid Defender 2, but it is the first VGMC in history to have a normal song in it. The OST I'm covering is only four pieces long, and because I always go over at least five, and I also like this song, I'm gonna bend some rules and go over just a normal song. Don't worry, It'll be rad. Just like the OST to Grid Defender 2 done by FlashyGoodness!

Game Over - Grid Defender 2


This track is super duper short but I don't think I've gone over a bunch of music for game over screens (I can only recall Banana Nababa and Megaman 3) so I think this'll be fun. It's a really simple loop begin around five seconds long, but it certainly gets the job done. It has many different paces to focus on, all kinda juxtaposing each other to create a unique atmosphere that gives the sense of present conflict, which is kinda the feeling you get when losing a game, making this a rather nice game over theme. It's all got a central rhythm and sounds pretty nice. It sounds technologic, with all the beeps and boops.

Neon Universe - Grid Defender 2


Now this piece is much longer, being 4:28 as opposed to the last piece's 0:25 of five second loops. It's still got that odd pacing thing going on, except this time it feels a lot more awe-inspiring because there are more drawn-out notes and melodies. It's this style of synth that I find kinda jazzy. FlashyGoodness is pretty good at this, as you can tell. The dude is a genius, I swear. All the different layers of oh so wonderful melodies constructed by oh so wonderful beeps and boops? Downright brilliant. The atmosphere fluctuates from energetic to almost serene to somewhere perfectly in between. Ah, what a wonderfully composed piece overall. Just listen to it.

Nexus of the Neon World -


This piece is really just takes the tranquility of the last piece and makes a whole song out of it. Dear lord is it soothing, immersive, and just dang beautiful. Perfectly paced on every layer and with every note, it's no wonder you kinda want to get swept with the flow of it all. It's peaceful and lovely and even pretty catchy. It's one of those themes you could just whistle to yourself in bed at night to lullaby your cute self to sleep. It's got a really strong sense of both sincerity and elegance. That being said, it still can't help but leak that jazz vibe here and there. It's just a crafty mixing pot of good musical things, really.

Universal Departure - Grid Defender 2


The atmosphere is strong with this one. It's like it's trying to make you feel like you're fulfilling a purpose and it feels good. It's got beeps and boops of all kinds all around the place, but it's the way that they're expertly thrown together that truly brings out that FlashyGoodness style. The long, drawn-out notes, the reverb, the instrument choice, and the exciting background instruments that juxtapose the overall very chill core melody are all things that makes this song a true to fashion FlashGoodness song. Gee whilkiers, Flashy, why you gotta be so dang gooooood?

And now for the special piece that is groundbreaking history for the VGMCs! The music you all totally came here for! Without further ado, I present to you:

Racer by Giorgio Moroder

Now let's talk about something different, since we're already going crazy and looking at a piece not from a video game, and talk about music videos. The audio-visual direction here is minimalist, intriguing, and appealing. For each layer of the song a colored ring with a solid rectangle of the same color moving around the ring, each color moving at different speeds. Each color and pace works well to represent the layer that plays when it appears. Seeing all of them disappear but one or all of them appear at once or all of them appear one by one is fun and exciting. The actual song is pretty rad itself, being technological with all it's fun beeps and boops and weird voice stuff. The echo and reverb are nice as well. The cohesion that these layers add up to make is superb. It's a catchy song with each layer being able to be singled out and still work well. It's really damn clever and I like it. I like it a lot. Hell yeah, Giorgio.

And there you have the wonderful music of VGMC 48. Pretty rad, huh? I hope you enjoyed reading my rusty writing. Then again, I gotta get better by writing something, you know? You people take it easy now, alright?

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