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WWE Wrestling Has Become a Joke


I have been following WWE for many years (2006), but just in the last 12 months, I have absolutely lost it with this organization. As everyone knows, these professional wrestling organizations, such as WWE, TNA, ROH and Lucha Underground, of whom I watch the latter three, but more so Lucha Underground lately. But especially in comparison to other organizations, are fake. They are not actually trying to hurt each other but they will make it look like it hurts. WWE has become more of a childish, family-friendly wrestling group that has a franchise player who hasn't turned heel in 10 years (John Cena), and a boring heel who would actually do better if he was still with his mates today (Seth Rollins). WWE has gone from a bloody, teenage - adult targeted group with the likes of Triple H, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin, who were all brilliant faces as well as heels and did a great job, and continue to do so these days, despite the fact that these guys are all either retired (Michaels (HBK) & Austin), or not far off (The Game (HHH) and The Deadman (Undertaker)), or should be still having an occasional wrestle but isn't (Johnson (Rock)). But soon the focus shifted to the likes of Edge, Rob Van Dam, John Morrison, and Batista, who were great wrestlers, and enjoyable to watch, but they didn't have a pure face in those years after Stone Cold retired.

Then in comes a new person by the name of John Cena, who came out as a heel rapper, against an already heel (he always was a heel) Kurt Angle, but it didn't take long for Cena to end what he should have stuck with and turn face, to never turn heel again since then. And I'll admit the first year that he was a face was satisfactory, but it just became boring and we needed someone like him to turn heel. But then, the show became a PG rated, family-friendly show, which was boring and had all these boring faces...all because Linda McMahon decided to run for President.

And then there's Seth Rollins, who from the moment he turned heel, ruined his opportunity to become an OP tag team player with either Roman Reigns or Dean Ambrose, and joined The Authority (headed by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon) and won almost all of his matches by some form of cheating, which is why he won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and still has it today. He either won by his opponents getting disqualified, or by having The Authority interfere on his behalf, which is boring, as someone like Randy Orton or Brock Lesnar would be better off getting that role, but one of them has really been pushed back to the mid-card, and the other one only appears part-time and is currently fully focused on his feud with a back in form Undertaker.

WWE can be enjoyable, but it would only work if WWE became a little bit more of what TNA is like, more realistic shows and pay-per-views and have a darker tone like it did have 10 years ago, but knowing WWE, it will probably go further and further down the PG line and make the bad guys all happy at the end of the feud with the good guys, and always leave the good guys the winner of the final bout making a happy ending. Can we just for once have a bad and darker themed ending like we did ten years ago? Again, knowing them it won't happen. Unless they make the shows TV-14 rated once again like the other shows, and put in a darker tone and include blading again, then maybe, just maybe, we'll see more people watching it, but if you want to be family-friendly, go right on ahead. Don't expect many people from the ages of 18 to 39 to be interested, unless they have twelve year old kids watching their shows, because in reality, they seem to be targeting people from the ages of 9 - 14 rather than 18 to 30. Who knows, soon WWE could be targeting bloody two year olds and make the show G rated. Even though that probably won't happen, WWE is getting worse and worse by the years, and if they don't fix that up, then expect numbers of fans to dwindle and cause WWE to lose their money, eventually ending their long run, which is not what I want, but if they don't sort out their problems, it's the end of an era for the biggest wrestling organization right now


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