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Lost Saga History a cursed game?


shall start this History speech with an image of a female Ragna.

Sweet Jesus This Minx!

after around 6 months of meeting so much new players, combos and team battles got more frantic, we had our own sever again and it was intense brawling fun again! GM's even went online and socialised with players and hosted occasional personal events! However, things started to get weird again... GM's got alot less active and updates was not exactly frequent. in fact, there was none for a good month. With GM's saying on the forums saying the game is not going to die, trying to keep the trust of the players. A week later, we get a new update! its a message from a GM! naturally we was interested to see what is to be added to this struggling sever. First line of text is the following:

"Lost Saga Bids You Farewell!"

Every EU Lost Saga Player in a synchronised manner.

US players are still able to play due to the success of the american sever hosted by Z8 games, and I will say the style of how it is hosted, not treating players like cash cattle, but showing good gameplay and business ideas and practices resulting in players supporting it, instead of sucking the wallet dry as a bone and leaving without even a phone call. I would advise Americans to have a little peak at the game, give it a Google and see some gameplay and if it interests you, give it a go. a huge learning curve but put some effort into your gears and set up and you can have fun in this brawler. I shall finish this with a Male Image of Trinity.

Hey I gotta be equal you know!

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