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Pokemon Revolution Online ( A Dream Mmo in beta?)


everyone and their cat knows pokemon, Everyone and their dog wondered if the world of pocket monsters could translate into a worldwide interactive MMO game. Pokemon Revolution Online is one of the most fun I have had on a pokemon related game, nibbling at my nostalgia nerves with a added factor of being able to travel from region to region! Safes me the trouble of buying every generation of pokemon.

Well realistic, i have not progressed far enough to comment on the deep part of the story but the run-down structure is beat 8 gyms, beat an evil organisation, beat the elite 4, slap your rival around like a disobedient spouse and be a champion. Now Multiply all of this by 5. Starting in Pallet Town with a New Rival who I must say is even more of an prick then Mister Sir Nanners. (name of my Rival in pokemon red)

The Notable Changes is the occasional quest from NPC's (that need a bit more notification) and the restriction of trading Until you have gotten at least 4 Badges. And while you start in Pallet Town you are still able to come across Pokemon from other generations in families areas. even trainers gear up with the occasional gen 3 and 4 Pokemon. Gym Leaders and even the Trainers inside have one notable difference: their Levels are hidden. I have No idea why this is done at all, but for some reason I Like it. Players unfamiliar with their opponents level, makes training that much more important, balancing your team accordingly.

Your free to challenge other players as expected, with a warning of your opponents highest level pokemon before you decide to take that challenge, but I think a spectator function would be a good addition. watching battles (and placing bets would be wicked as well) would be a no brainier, but its just gotten a Live Beta release so, give it time right?

Last thing I can note is that the aspect of Gen 6 logic are in this game. I noticed when my purple bulldog ruffian Granbull is considered a fairy

Because this is what comes to mind when I think fairy

This makes me wonder if in the future the X,Y Generations will be added in the future. I mean Mega pokemon are also in game but all in all, if you want a fan made game made will balance and LONG lastability, and from what I know, a whole new story, give this game a shot. I will continue playing until I am on the road to Viridian city. (must....suppress...temptation...to sing....)

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