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Right. Here we are chaps. It's been a fun couple of years coming on here and hearing what you lot have to say, lots of great puns and nonsense. Solid stuff. As i'm mainly working from home and not getting out much at it's nice to see some real-time ~ human-contact.

However i'm not really feeling it anymore. Feel like i'm pissing in the wind mostly. Not even sure why i'm commenting, not really sure what it achieves? I'm not sure how healthy it is? Someone did reply to a comment today which did make me think: "Honestly what are you doing? Are you really actually going out of your way to write things of such infinitesimal meaning?" It was a trigger not the cause.

I'm also finding myself losing my interest in mainstream gaming. MGS V was the high water-mark for me, so i'm going out on a high note. I'll still be playing: but only the odd game or so. The real gems. I'll be cutting my intake down by about 70%. Trimming the fat. I love gaming but would be kind of sad if someone actually described me as a gamer. 98% of games just aren't special enough to take up so much of my time and energy. And boy do they want to take up your time these days. MGS V was like having a part-time job in terms of the time put into it. Worth it - but I just can't keep on doing that.

Plus i'm not really sure I need to know every in-and-out of every-detail of every-game on such a regular basis. I don't need all the hype and build up and my edge subscription is plenty when I think about. I think reading the reviews for something I'm interested in is enough for me.

I'll still be at PAX and checking in on the creativity and fun (plus eating the fuck out of Seattle) - I won't be giving up gaming, but will be sticking to the smaller and more interesting stuff. Or the stuff I find more interesting should I say. VR might well pick up my interest again, so i'm open minded. But the constant checking of gaming sites have to go for me. It's overkill. Time for a spring-clean in terms of how I use my time and how I connect with other humans. More getting out and meeting people in my community and less pointless commenting from the shadows.

It's a great site though, don't misunderstand me: it has a superb staff and a wonderful, lighthearted & vibrant community. Of all the sites I have checked out.. this one has the best punters by far. I'm not knocking anything anyone here does, I just personally need to get out a bit more and lay of the gaming a bit. All the best chaps.

- VG

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