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One year at Destructoid


Yesterday marked my first official year as a writer for Dtoid. I don't normally celebrate milestones, but this seemed like one worth taking a moment to reflect on.

As I said a year ago, writing about games is something I've wanted to do my entire life. It's always been the moonshot, “wish-I-could,” dream job that I never thought I'd land in a million years. So when I say it's been an incredible honor and privilege to write for the site, know that it isn't an empty platitude, it's a sincere fact. I'm grateful to the site for having me and for every single community member or visitor who takes the time to read my work.

Thank you. Really, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I know it sounds sappy, but it's my anniversary and I can happy-cry if I want to.

The number one best part of my job is when I put something out there that resonates with people. When I write about something that I think is super cool, or that I'm passionate about, or upset with, and it provokes a response from other people. When people get in the comments to say they agree (awesome!) or that they don't agree (awesome in a different way!) or just have some related thing to share and talk about (incredibly awesome). Hearing from other gamers who are just as crazy about this stuff as I am is what gets me out of bed every morning.

I'm really proud of what I've written this year, I got to review some awesome games, write some (hopefully) funny features, and I even started my own series that I'm very excited about. I've got a lot of plans for my next year at Dtoid -- this past year was a great start, but I want to move things into high gear. I want to be on the site more, try different things (streaming, interviews, methamphetamines!), and make as much of this precious opportunity I've been given as possible.

Thanks for the awesome year Destructoid, I'm going to do everything I can to make this one even better.

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