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Why Games Will Survive The Next 15 Years


People have lately talked to me about their speculation of games not lasting much longer and that this will be one of the final generations, if not, the final generation of video games. I am here to counter that. Why will they last beyond the next 10 - 15 years? Here are 3 arguments

More and more younger people are playing games: Generations of gamers are arriving faster than we think, with younger gamers starting to play games on current and past generation consoles, whilst people in older generations are continuing to play more games, with more teenage and mature gamers starting their gaming lives (from their mates), which is helping the number of gamers grow and it should continue to grow more and more into the future. Which leads me to my next point...

Gaming hasn't even come close to its peak yet: Whilst games have become a bigger and more central part of entertainment, there is certainly much more room for the gaming industry to go. With more gamers in this ever-increasing world population, it is leading major companies, including Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft to put in more consoles within a shorter timespan, as more employees are working at the major companies to allow them to release them earlier (particularly Nintendo, who's upcoming Nintendo NX is likely to be a next-generation console, likely to get a release of 2016-2017, which will be only 4-5 years after the start of the previous generation, compared to the 7 year timespan of the generation before that - yes that makes the PS3 and 360 look old now, but this is a new age). Gamers are becoming more and more hooked to critically acclaimed games like GTA V, Metal Gear Solid V, Skyrim, The Last of Us and many more, which is allowing for more hours spent on their consoles, which is what the companies want, in order for their consoles to succeed both in the short and long terms.

The potential of virtual reality in gaming: Now, this is a very controversial thing that has been mentioned locally, nationally and internationally by gamers, and that they believe virtual reality will be seen in a video game. With virtual reality, this will drive even more people to play games, as virtual reality is set to be the future of gaming, should the fans get what they want, unless the companies decide to just focus on graphical improvement (which right now is probably more important), but there is a good chance that virtual reality will not occur in games in a major way for at least 20 or 30 years, if ever.


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