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Hello friends. My name is Alphadeus, as many of you probably already know :p I've been wanting to write a music promotion blog for a while. I've written tons of music, and I love sharing it with you guys.

While I do not have any new music to share, I wanted to take the time to write an "albums I've released so far" blog post, giving detail about every album I've released. I also wanted to write a bit about my future plans, and also make a request for assistance, which is of course entirely optional. I highly encourage the download of my my music for free.

First, I'll get to the request. I'm looking to expand my sound library one last time, with the purchase of Omnisphere 2. I already own the original Omnisphere, so this upgrade would cost me $249. I'm wondering if it's possible to raise the funds (as well as save up money on my own) needed to get this program, as I think it will greatly increase the quality of my future works. Ways to support me, are buying music on my Bandcamp, supporting me on Patreon, or if you want to donate directly, my paypal is [email protected]. Again, entirely optional. Ultimately I want my music heard freely, but I appreciate any and all support.

My current plan for the future, is to look into remaking AD Infinitum I - Alphadeus, and then continue to create the next 3 parts of the album. I am not 100% happy with the way AD Infinitum I turned out (I prefer the Walking in Circles album versions more). The plan is to rework the songs to sound more like they did on Walking in Circles. I may also released another album in the "2AD1X" series.

The rest of this blog post will go into detail on all the albums I've released so far.

Songs for Gamers - This is the album most people probably know me for. I spent the most time working on this album (2011-2012, 2013, 2015), and it consists of 115 songs. 88 Songs written for people that were at some point, part of this website. The other songs are bonus tracks, rearrangements, joke songs (April Fools album), and podcast themes. This is my best album by far, covering many genres, while sticking to my "style" of melodic video game music. There are too many good tracks to name, and I'm so proud of this album.

Walking in Circles / AD Infinitum I - Alphadeus - This is part of my main album, the album that defines me. It tells a story of a man named Alphadeus, going on a mission to save his galaxy from an alien invasion (AD Infinitum I), learning about the origin of the alien leader (AD Infinitum II), climbing the tower in Asphodel Meadows to confront him (AD Infinitum III), and ultimately saving the entire universe from destruction (AD Infinitum IV). If there's only one album you can listen to, I highly recommend Walking in Circles.

A Well-known Stranger - Probably my darkest album released. It tells the story of a man released from prison, learning to forgive himself, and trying to find his way in life after being incarcerated for a long period of time.

FRACTURED - Written with a goal in mind. To combine Emotion and Logic into one album. The first letter of each song spells out EMOTION AND LOGIC (arranged based on the keys on a keyboard starting with the C key = e L m O o t G i I o C n). The 5 logic songs are mostly sequences, whereas the 7 emotion songs try to convey different emotions.

ADBC - EP - Songs that were probably going to be on 2AD15 - III, but since I couldn't write more than 7 at the time, I released my first and only EP called ADBC.

Nonsensicals Series (I, II, III, IV, V) - Originally the Nonsensicals albums were supposed to be melting pots for songs I wrote with no album in mind. However, Nonsensicals II has a clear theme (traveling to space and then back to home). Nonsensicals V was also my first attempt to write an album in as few genres as possible. In the future, Nonsensicals albums will probably tell brief stories, or have some kind of theme.

2AD1X Series - The original concept for this series of albums was way too ambitious. I first had the idea starting in 2013. The goal was to write a song a day for a year, and release monthly albums. It didn't work out, and now it's meant to contain songs I write for no album in particular (similar to how Nonsensicals started). You will probably see more releases of this album than any other. The name represents the year the album was released (2AD14 = 2014).

2AD14 I - II - III

2AD15 I - II

If it wasn't obvious, I've written a ton of music :P in so many styles and genres, it's nearly impossible to recommend albums/songs on an individual basis based on your tastes. Most of my music is video game music, though, if that helps. If you're looking for specific styles of music, I can try to help you find music I've written that may fit the description.

Thanks for taking the time to read (and possibly listen :p). I hope to have more music for you, at least one more album before the end of the year. Take care.

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