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Band of Bloggers: HD Remastered 3D Definitive Edition!!


October 2015:

This month sees the release of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, a 1080p 60fps remaster of the three Naughty Dog games originally released on the PlayStation 3, but now lovingly re-released onto PS4 and we're excited right! Right? Well, personally "Yes I am!" and there seems to be a lot of good positive buzz surrounding this latest release in a long line of endless "HD Remasters" or "Definitive Editions", but not everyone feels the same way. I'm well aware of the arguments against these remasters that appear to now be a staple of the current gen release schedule and I thought here's a topic for the monthly Band of Bloggers schedule, and very kindly Retrofraction has let me run it! So here is October's BoB theme: HD Remastered 3D Definitive Edition!!

The Rules:

It's simple really. At any time during the month of October you just need to write a blog regarding the subject of remastered videogames and tag it with the 'Band of Bloggers' tag (like this post) and include either 'Band of Bloggers' or 'HDR3DDE' in the title of your blog post, so that we can collate all the month's entries together for recap at the end. The games that you write about could be contemporary or classic, real or imaginary, and there are a number of different ways that you could write a blog. Some ideas include:

  • An article about what you really like about remasters, such as giving people a chance to play games who didn't own the original platform, or replaying classic games with a fresh lick of paint.
  • An article about how you hate remasters and feel that the resources and time spent remaking them is taking away from the creation of new games.
  • Review a recent remastered videogame or one that you think is particularly well made, or one that you think was particularly poor!
  • Write some ideas for videogames that you would love to see remastered and discuss what you would like to see added or changed in the process of updating them. Let us know those currently missed opportunities!
  • Create a poll to ask other community members about what they feel and start some heated discussion.
  • Anything, anything else that you can think of as long as it fits the theme!! The world is your toaster.

Why bother!?

Firstly, it's easy! You can take part with just a single blog post at anytime during the month.

Secondly, its good way to bring the community together as a sort of gaming equivalent of a "book club" but far more open ended. Ours is a rich and diverse hobby, with people from all walks of life harboring strong opinions and tons of experience, which I would like to read about and you'd be surprised how many others would too. If you're a bit of a lurker on the c-blogs then here is a perfect opportunity to test the waters of blogging with a structured framework and theme in place to help you. Most of all, it's a tradition that has been running for aaages now and something very close to my heart - lets keep it alive!!

Thirdly, I'd like to try and feature the best Band of Bloggers entry this month.The entry with the most 'fappers' will be featured in a special spot during the recap at the end of October, and the blog with the most comments and rich discussion will also get a highlighted mention. So, there's a lot of good incentive to write a thought provoking and opinionated blog!

Look, I've even made a banner that you can slap at the top of your blog posts if you want.

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