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My Final Lootcrate Isn't A Good One.


Wow, where do I even start? First off, Lootcrate is disappointing once again. I can safely say that my final crate is exactly what I expected, a bunch of random junk that isn't appealing to me and only hits on a very selective demographic. Time and time again, I get hopeful for something great, and time and time again I get brought down hard by the hammer of blind box consumerism. Needless to say, it hurts like a bitch.

Let's begin, yeah?

Pikachu Laplander Hat: Kinda cute, would have liked this more... IF I DIDN'T ALREADY BUY ONE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL. I'm getting some flashbacks to when they decided to include a wristband in the "Heroes 2" crate. This is the main problem with non-exclusive Lootcrate stuff, it really sucks to pay for something you already own, plus, the seams are popping already. We're off to a great start.

Supernatural Model Car: I have never seen the show and I really don't plan to. The car's wheels look like they're going to fall off and it looks like a generic Hot Wheel toy car. I'm sure the Supernatural fans will... love it?

Hearthstone Squishy Toy: I have never Played the game before, but this is still an ok toy. Really hitting hard on the selective demographic issue here, not everyone plays it y'know.

Hearthstone Coin/Booster Pack: Again, I don't play the game. I made an account to see what I unlocked with the code, and I didn't get anything good. For confirmation, I sent my friend the list of cards I unlocked, nothing special.. at all.. Plus, what am I going to do with the coin? I can't really display it, so looks like it's going where my other Lootcrate stuff goes.

Homer Simpson Figure?: Wow, this is a strange addition to the box. Do they even know their own theme? Because Homer isn't exactly the first thing I think of when I hear the word "Summon". The figure is bland and doesn't make a good collectible to put out in the open. The package it comes in is cool though, it looks like a Chinese takeout box.

Lootcrate Free Mobile Game: And now for the lackluster free mobile game you had to pay for. Oh boy! The AR functions don't work as well as they should, the game isn't fun, and everything about is just ugly and bland. A shitty end to a shitty crate.

Once again, I have to warn you about certain subscription boxes. Boxes like Lootcrate can give you any random shit they think is cool and you'll still have to pay for it. It's like preordering a new game, you won't know how it turns out until it's out, it could be full of bugs (or shitty products) for all you know. If I were to recommend subscription boxes there are really only 2 that I've seen good in. Don't choose Lootcrate, it's strange selection of products and terrible quality makes it a bad choice all around.

Nerd Block: Nerd Block is everything Lootcrate should be. It's full of cool collectibles and includes a free shirt in every box! Plus, if you're more into games or horror movies, there are different themes you can chose from in case you want something specific. They even have crates themed for younger boys or girls so they can get in on the fun too with age appropriate toys and fun stuff! Very cool!


IndieBox: Indie Box is packed full of indie game goodness. It includes a cool copy of the game on a sweet game drive, cool extras, a soundtrack, and a collectible box for the game that looks like an NES package! Super cool and worth every penny. Go for this if you love supporting indie game studios or if you love games in general!


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