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Why Have Many Nintendo Fans Moved to Other Consoles?


Without a doubt, right now, the console wars are being dominated by Sony and their PlayStation consoles, followed by Microsoft with their Xbox consoles and Nintendo and its many consoles. But people should look back 10 years ago and remembering how great Nintendo was going and how it came crashing down in the years that followed. But the common thing that Nintendo had 10, 15, 20 years ago was an additional handheld console that Sony and Microsoft either haven't done (Xbox) or haven't done it right (PS Vita). But why did it drop?

When Nintendo released their Wii console, it received many copies, which nearly matched PS3 and Xbox 360's. But it didn't. Why? Nintendo's Wii console was more so targeting at families than any other console had done in past generations, because of its motion controls and the fact that you could do many things on there, but not everything. But people who had been following Nintendo for many years were left disappointed as they wanted a normal controller like the N64 and the GCN. And Nintendo still hasn't gone back to the basic controller and console since then and probably never will. And that led to many of them to either not buy the console, or stop playing the console, shortly after its release.

Because of its lack of players, major cross-platform franchises stopped releasing on Nintendo consoles, which further singified Nintendo's downfall and fall from grace. And during those early years, the Nintendo GameCube was discontinued, which was a disappointment to many fans, who were hoping that the GameCube would last in the long-term, which that in turn is another one of Nintendo's problems. Their consoles don't last after the next generation is released (maybe 1, 2 years, if that). Then there was a sales check shortly afterwards, which had proven that Nintendo has had a serious decline, and that they have no idea what they were doing. Nintendo then released the 3DS in 2011, followed by the Wii U in 2012, and as you would expect, the Wii didn't last much longer in certain countries. People almost immediately gave up the Wii to try this new Wii U, which was satisfactory as it was something closer to what they used to do years back with the GCN, N64, etc. It had its differences, which many gamers know anyway, and because former Nintendo fans (such as myself) are so immersed and enjoying other consoles that they see no point in returning to Nintendo, because A: They don't release enough games on it, exclusive or cross-platformers and B: The console just won't last in the long term, like every other Nintendo console, but the others will, such as Xbox 360, One, PS3 and PS4...and PC - everyone's favorite console.

Not to say that the Nintendo Wii U hasn't done well (I mean it has had many great games in the limited amount that they have), but they need way more games than what we see on our shelves at games stores, but judging by the way Nintendo has been planning this console, quality is better than quantity, which I respect, but if they want this console to be well remembered, they need to step it up. Now. Before it is too late, and no one is playing Nintendo consoles anymore (well, not no one, but you get what I mean). Sales are dropping and poor decisions by Nintendo has been what is leading many former Nintendo fans to other consoles.

I personally had been a Nintendo fan since I was 3 up until the year of 2008, when I started shifting to Sony slowly before cementing that in 2012, and let me tell you what, the NX had better be a miracle if they want me to return to Nintendo, otherwise chances are I probably won't even consider buying that console, as it would be a waste of my time, as the DS was, because I bought it in the later stages of its life cycle.


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