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REVIEW: Donkey Kong, or "Stop! Hammertime!"


Well, we are finally past the initial launch titles of the NES and have moved on to the next wave of games.  June 1986 was a great time for gamers with an NES, especially if they liked Donkey Kong, since 4 different DK titles came out.  Who knew that Donkey Kong was that beloved back then?

(Check out Mario and his white Disco outfit)  

This game has clearly left an imprint on popular culture.  You know who has a score in the top 100 players of all time in Donkey Kong?  This guy

Yep, Will Forte.  He is ranked 81st.  

Well anyway, let's talk about this game.  In case you haven't seen what it looks like, he's a picture of some in game action.

(Pictured: Mario, Donkey Kong, Pauline, Mario's purse and parasol)

So what do I think of it?  lets review:


Graphics--6/10  It's weird, since the game's graphics do a good job.  The movement of characters and items goes well, the girders look good, when a barrel hits the container of "Oil" it lights on fire and moves around.  Honestly looks good.  The problem is they had 4 colors and thats all they used.  I mean, look at all those girders in red/pink.  Yeah, girders are that color and really theres no REASON to make them different colors.  But thats all there is.  The color changes in the 3rd round to a nice blue, but it doesn't really do much besides that.  No fireworks when you save her, nothing.

Control--5/10  You can move mario pretty easily in the game, moving and jumping.  Once you get the hammer, you can run around and crush any barrels in your path.  But sometimes when you think you've gotten up the ladder and you get ready to move but you cant.  Why?  cause you aren't 100% up the ladder.  Oh well.  Also, sometimes if you jump and miss your target, but land on a lower level, you'll die if it's too far a fall.  So be careful.

Sound--5/10  Nice little music between levels isn't bad, short theme music, overall not too bad.  But then Mario starts walking and it sounds like someone in rubber boots trying to make a noise whenever they step.  Its ok for a few seconds, but after a few times down a girder, I know I'm sick of it.

Is it FUN?--4/10  I think they only reason I don't give it a higher score is that theres only 3 levels.  If there was more of a variety than just the 3 levels, I think i'd be more interested, but once you get through the 3 levels, its not like there is a story that you advance by playing the levels again.

Total--20/40  Pretty much a middle of the road game.  Its fun for a while, but I can't imagine playing it long term.  Unless you were really interested in going after a world record score.  If so, watch the great movie "The King of Kong"

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