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NES "Pinball" or "ever since I was young boy, i played the digital ball"


Pinball!  A launch game for the NES that I have owned for the NES, Gameboy and I think I played in Animal Crossing.

I love that the cover of the game has mario (albiet in different colored clothing than his usual) running around with a girder of some kind.  But he's part of the bonus level, not part of the actual table itself.  Oh, Nintendo, you're so crazy.

There's a view of the entire board.  Flippers, bonus sections, lights, BOOING noises.  It's all here.  But is it enjoyable?  Lets find out!


Graphics--3/10  It's not bad graphically.  But it's very basic, but it's a launch title so it's not like I was expecting a VR 3-d pinball table.

Control--6/10 theres not that much to control, just two pairs of flippers, and Mario when you get to the bonus level.  And for only controlling so little, you can do a decent job of aiming the ball where you want it to go.

Sound--2/10  There is beeping noises, the ball knocking off of things makes noises.. but that's it.  I don't need a great score to go with a pinball game, but anything would have been cool.

Is it FUN?--5/10  It's funner than you'd expect and by a lot.  I had this for the GameBoy and I remember killing an entire battery charge playing it while my wife was trying on clothes at a store.  It's so BASIC, yet so enjoyable.

Overall--16/40.  It's no wonder that deaf, dumb and blind kid played such a mean pinball.  It's an enjoyable time.



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