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Fant4stic - The Biggest Superhero Disappointment of the 21st Century


Yes, we're talking about a superhero movie done by Fox (which is generally good), that was supposed to be Fox's apology for their critically failed 2005 and 2007 Fantastic Four films. People had written off Fantastic Four for many years, and guess what - with this bomb, you might as well wait for another 10 years to see yet another Fantastic Four disappointment by Fox, because there is no way that they are handing the Fantastic Four or the X-Men over to Marvel, which has so far released so many great movies, so why shouldn't they do that? Because they want to make a film so bad that they don't even want Marvel considering asking for a change of rights, which should be done within the next ten years, if they want their franchises to succeed for the long-term.

What made the film so bad? Well, first of all, the budget was a massive $120 million. Did they honestly expect the film to go well? Probably. But they wasted their money. It has gotten a box office of $164 million. Next time, make the film a $30 million budget and not a big budget film like Ant-Man, which was always going to get higher box office success due to the fact that it is a MCU film. So why not bring the Fantastic Four to the MCU? Because, reasons.

Next up, the trailers were actually not too bad, and it did look a little bit promising, and I expected it to do at least slightly better than the 2005 and 2007 films (starring Gruffudd, Alba, Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis). But it didn't. Why? Because, unlike the original films, they went for a slow-paced origin story and a fast-paced final battle, which is not what a superhero film is about. Don't make the film a 2 hour trailer for a 5 minute movie. As a matter of fact, it wasn't even a movie at all, it was just a trailer for the sequel, and who knows if that is going to be good, should it even happen at all. Honestly, I would rather see a Last Airbender sequel than a Fant4stic 2, and The Last Airbender was another shocker, as well as the other 50 M. Night Shyamalan disappointments. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if we see Shyamalan become director of this film, with the way things are going. It was that disappointing, I cannot believe this film grossed over $100 million. It was only the top of the box office for 1 day. I repeat. 1 day. The film's predecessors both were number 1's for at least a week. I also happened to see American Ultra and Straight Outta Compton in the days and weeks since, which I believe were also disappointments. Anyone got a good film to watch over the next two weeks before going back to study? Probably not, as most of the films out right now are not the slightest bit interesting.

The cast were actually a great quartet, and commendments must be handed to Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell for their well-done performances. It was just such a shame that their amazing performances were in a terribly scripted movie. Fix up the damn script, otherwise the chances are unlikely that any of those four will return, if at all judging by how rough the films were to their careers.

The ideal movement for Fox? Abandon the sequel, and hand the rights over to Marvel. That is the most logical idea, as Marvel has turned so many originally terrible movies into something much, much better, and we are hoping to see more of that in 2017's Spider-Man. Otherwise, we can just sit back and either watch another terrible Fantastic Four movie by Fox, or we can see a reboot, which will probably be disappointing showing the company's poor run with this group of amazing superheroes who finally deserve a good movie. But as long as it is owned by Fox, I will not be hyping up for a sequel or yet another reboot as there have been three Fantastic Four films in the 21st century, which have so far been three disappointments. I love the Fantastic Four personally but, right now, they just can't seem to do it right on the big screen and many superhero fans such as myself are getting really disappointed, and again, the best idea would be to pass the rights over to Marvel, as right now, they seem to be doing everything right. Or they could do a Fantastic Four-X-Men crossover (that will never happen though), which will probably have a disappointing script like X-Men Origins: Wolverine and be a failure. Fans and critics alike have no expectations for a future Fantastic Four film if it is owned by Fox, whom I respect, but they need to make one, just one, good Fantastic Four film, and fans will be excited about the group again.


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