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NES Golf, or "par:3, score:18"


Golf for the NES!  Because God knows that there wasn't enough sports games available for the NES at launch.

So let's play this and see how it goes!  Hows the game look?

So, you've got a husky looking version of John Daly, it seems.  You'll notice that wind is involved, which can effect your shots.  Score card stats and everything in the upper box, swing meter under the live action view of your character.  Its set up well.

Let's look at putting

 OK, direction of the green slope running on the surface, But how well did it play?


Graphics--4/10  Graphically it's a good looking game for the launch period.  The swinging animation works well, the ball has a 3-d effect on the main "map" for each hole when it is hit.  It gets across the effect of a golf ball in the air.

Control--1/10  Man, you sure can hit the ball, but to get do the 3 button push to get the swing done right and into the white section of the swing meter, you'd better be the Tiger Woods of button pressing.  It took me through several holes to even come close.  Also, something that would have been helpful would have been a thing telling me how far each club could reach at full power. This game may have been made more for people who actually knew how to play golf and how the actual clubs did in real life, since that information isn't on the screen. 

Sound--3/10  Nothing special.  Honestly, you dont need a lot of music for a golf game and thats about what it provided.  There's sound effects, but, Meh.

Is it FUN?  2/10  God no.  Not at all.  I had a hole with no wind and a long area to hit the ball and I went out of bounds on the first 5 shots, no matter what I did.  Finally got it on fairway, went for next shot.  Didn't realize that it didn't automatically change clubs from woods to irons. 2 more shots into out of bounds.

Total--10/40  I really hope there aren't many more sports games on the launch list.  Oh, Soccer and Tennis still?  *SIGH*

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