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Nintendo Baseball, or "NES treatment for insomnia"


Alright, I burned through a bunch of games over the past few days, so lets get through the rest of the NES launch titles.  This edition is "Baseball"

Yes, America's pasttime!  lets have some fun with baseball!

the playing field, after a home run

Well, honestly, it is so, so, SO slow.  Of course, real baseball is too, if we're being honest.  But there are some fun baseball games that can really get things moving fast and make a game interesting.  Trying to keep in mind this is one of the launch titles, I played it hoping to have a good time.  It's not horrible, but its sloooooooow.  Every time the ball goes somewhere, it takes its sweet time to do it.  fast ball 80+mph? slightly faster than the pitch going 48 MPH.  So let's give it a final review


Graphics-3/10  Ok, I know that I gave football a 3/10 also, but when it comes to the teams, there are 6 teams and its just a different color uniforms.  Yeah, i know, it's a early title for the NES, but its just not pretty.  The ground also looks like vomit in when it is yellow.

Control-2/10  Oh boy, i had no idea how to move base runners at all.  I had to find a manual online to do it and even with it, you aren't doing much.  the outfielders go after the ball without you controlling them.  Again, its a launch title, so im not expecting to climb the wall to try and rob a home run.

Sound--3/10  Beeps, bloobs, the baseball getting hit makes a noise that could be thought of as a hit.  Same generic cheering noises as in football.  It got 3 points instead of 2 since the players aren't wearing tap shoes.

Is it FUN?--1/10  GOD NO.  I couldn't get through a complete game.  it took forever to get through one batter!  Admittedly, baseball isn't a favorite sport of mine, so I may be slightly biased.  But i got 5 innings in, was tied 5-5 and I just couldn't play any longer.

Total--9/40  Whew, this one went down hard.  I hope that as I get through the launch titles, they get a touch more polished, though I don't have my hopes up!

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