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Marvel Cinematic Universe - Can It Survive Beyond 2019?


For superhero fans, the next five years are their absolute dreams. With 10 films set to be released over the course of 2016 - 2019 by Marvel, this is shaping up to be the biggest Marvel-fest ever. But there is a point where things just get too much, and they've gone for so long, that it just gets boring (though it's not boring for me just yet). Here are some of the reasons why Marvel may or may not last beyond 2019.


Fans love the introduction of new characters: Ant-Man, GOTG, Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver have been amazing introductions to the MCU, as well as original characters, like Iron Man, Hulk, Thor & Captain America. Fellow fans (and friends) have already stated their excitement for characters like Black Panther, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, the Inhumans, as well as a host of villains. The more characters they have, the better the film will be, they say. But is that exactly true?

Fans want to be able to see the development of their favorite characters: I have never known a fan to say that one film is enough for one character, as they have always told me that they would like to see more of the characters, and yes, it needs to be explored, particularly with characters that haven't had enough development, including Hawkeye, Hulk & Scarlet Witch, with a particular emphasis on Hulk, as the character is not getting enough appearances in the MCU, and Mark Ruffalo is quickly approaching 50, so they need to get more involvement of him and other secondary characters before it becomes too late.

The fans are getting more revolutionary adaptations of important comic book series: The fans have asked and they have received. There are so many great comic books that could be adapted into a Marvel movie, and slowly, more of them are being adapted, with films being adapted from Age of Ultron, Civil War and Infinity Gauntlet/War. And they have done it right so far, so why not be excited for more major comic books being adapted? As long as they don't do some piece of crap Origin story for Spider-Man, that we have seen at least a hundred times, and that they don't do a Fant4stic (*sigh* I'll explain it in a future post, but I'm sure you guys know just how terrible that movie was).

Marvel have planned films through 2028: Yes, in spite of the fact that there are so many movies set to be released between now and 2019, the Marvel team are already looking at the long term, and have already planned out films through 2028, meaning fans could quite likely see their favorite actors re-sign contracts to continue playing the roles that the fans love...even though the actors might be both getting old and may have had enough of actually doing the role, but are just continuing to do it, for the fans.

May Not:

They might cram too many characters into one movie: See, this is how a movie gets too filled up, and many films have done that in the past, and the worry is that because they're introducing all these new characters, they will cram them all into Avengers: Infinity War, with 30 superheroes taking on one bad guy, which A: Makes it fun, but B: Doesn't give characters an appropriate amount of screen time. This is my number one worry about these films, that they are going to introduce all these characters, and then cram them all into one movie (who knows - they'll probably make a Avengers vs X-Men movie, and a Marvel-DC movie down the line with the way things are going)

The fans might have had enough of superhero movies in general after that time: As I have mentioned before, there are 10 more Marvel Cinematic Universe films coming out in 2016-2019, but think about the Fox superhero movies as well as the DC films along with the Animated superhero films coming out - we're looking at at least 30 films in the next 5 years. They'll eventually be a point where people will press the stop button on these films, as it will either be boring, or they might want to move on to another genre. It is increasingly clear that superhero films are set to dominate more and more in the film industry over the next number of years, but then again, it might be like the action, comedy, drama and horror genres, where they keep on demanding for more, which I totally understand and believe it could happen, but also think about the fact that franchises/film series can become boring after a certain point. I will not state examples, as you guys will clearly know some franchises that became boring (state yours in the comments).

Marvel may have had enough of making films, and they see no point in continuing without the original cast: As you guys would know, it is presently unknown about whether any of the original cast of The Avengers (Downey, Jr, Ruffalo, Hemsworth, Evans, Renner, Johansson, Smulders, and Jackson) would continue beyond Infinity War, but most of the people mentioned here have already expressed interest in continuing to play the role beyond 2019. But what if none of them returned (unlikely)? Would Marvel continue without them? Likely, but definitely possible, but do consider that Marvel might want to take a break for a few years, and then come back with something fresh, to entertain the fans.

Well guys, there you have it. Will they continue beyond 2019? And if so (or if not), why?


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