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Tearaway loses its soul on PS4 - Long live PS Vita


Tearaway PS Vita

Tearaway is fantastic. Innovative, charming, and most importantly a fun new foray into a beautiful world. I felt so a part of its papercraft world on PS Vita, my face etched into the world like a God watching over the cutsey inhabitants of the jaunty world. On PS4, I'm detached from the world (unless you fork out silly money for a Playstation camera) then maybe some of the identity remains intact. I don't have a camera so my face on the PS Vita is now just a sun on the PS4. Tearaway looks nicer on PS4, ticking the boxes of the now social expectation of 60 fps. Except Tearway is an example where gloss adds sterility. On PS Vita I adored the slightly fuzzy 30fps, it made the world feel more real. Sound was also impeccible - the delighful unscrolling of text boxes now a pin drop sound on PS4. 

I loved Tearaway on Vita and I still explore the world to this day, but bringing it to PS4 is just hammering another nail into the PS Vita coffin. Sony's handheld is almost ready to plunge six feet under. Sony have had trouble with Vita since lauch and now have all but abandoned the fantastic handheld. First Tearway and next Gravity Rush, Sony are desperately reminding people that Vita had great games but ones that will be enjoyed more on PS4 - Vita be damned. Hopefully we'll get some surprises in 2015 regarding first party Vita games but I'm going to remain cautious. Perhaps Sony Bend can ease the pain. What the hell have they been up to since Golden Abyss?

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