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Those meddling kids: F*ck 'em (nsfw)


Imagine this, will you? Back when I was just starting college in Tokyo, my father suggested I'd stay with one of his friends' family while attending school. I didn't really care one way or another, but imagine the shock for me as a healthy teenage boy when that family consisted of a rather young-looking widow and her four (!) daughters. Sharing a house with five women! I probably don't have to tell you that it was a situation I'd have to get used to. I mean... FIVE WOMEN!


It all started off a bit weird. Obviously not all of them were happy to suddenly have a guy living in their cozy home, but the mother, Maria, tried really hard to make me feel at home. One night she offered me some sake—a quite expensive one I might add. We started talking a bit and for whatever reason, she passed out. I guess she doesn't hold her liquor all that well. Even though I had to look for a bit to find where it was, I carried her on my back to her bedroom. I felt a bit bad for her, seeing her double bed and thinking about her late husband who had passed away not long after the birth of their youngest daughter. Right at that moment, Maria came around. Well, around isn't exactly the right word. She somehow thought that I was her husband and started kissing me, telling me she missed me. Even though the sensation of her warm lips against mine was rather pleasant, I pushed her away. No way was I'm going to take advantage of a drunken woman who mistakenly thought I was her late hubby.

She continued to make advances, however. And... well... Don't judge me, all right? She was good-looking and the prospect of losing my virginity to an experienced woman was just too much for me to resist. I won't go into all the juicy details, but it's safe to say I had a whale of a time. I didn't let my inexperience hold me back either (or when it did, she gave me a helping hand) and booze or not, she seemed to genuinely enjoy it! Well, at least until she realized I wasn't her late husband but her friend's freeloading son. She resisted a bit then, though my determination to not stop convinced her to let me finish the job. Hell, she even told me she wanted me to! That makes it okay, right?

Luckily for me, the next day she acted like nothing happened. She whispered in my ear I should keep it a secret what happened between the two of us. She didn't even need to ask. The last thing I wanted was for her daughters to know I'd slept with their mother. I didn't think How I Slept With Your Mother would be a critical hit. Well, the sisters would probably land some critical hits. On my face.

The next few weeks nothing of note happened. I grew content with my new surroundings and while the sisters still somewhat had to get used to having a guy live under the same roof, I could see myself live there for a few years in a relatively uneventful fashion. If only it weren't for those meddling kids!

Yeah, those damned meddling kids! Sanae, for example. She's the third daughter and about my age. Out of the four sisters, she clearly hated me the most. I can't even count the amount of times she hit me for no other reason than walking in on her being nude. Guess she wasn't used to locking the door, but she should've been a bit more considerate of the situation. She has a great body, I'll give you that, but that doesn't mean I'd walk in her just to ogle her curves.

Anyway, for whatever reason one night she invited me to attend some party she and her friends were having. At the party, she tried to hook me up with some random girl, but I wasn't really interested. Later that night, I even got a bit dismayed with Sanae. She joked about picking up one of the guys at the party just for kicks. I angrily told her we'd be leaving and she actually didn't really object. But instead of going home I took her to one of those sleazy motels and told her to choose me if she was so eager to have sex. She started crying and told me her behavior was just an act—in fact, she was still a virgin even! She told me she wanted her first time to be with someone she loved. So I slept with her. Funny how at first she didn't want to, but let me tell you this, persistence is key. If a girls says no, it doesn't mean she doesn't want to get some nookie. Trust me on this one. Sanae, like her mum, told me afterwards I shouldn't let anyone know about our steamy adventure and I happily obliged.

Sanae wasn't the only one of the sisters that got in my way. Take the youngest one, Ruruka, for instance. She had taken a liking to me and I even helped her do her homework from time to time. While her sisters are quite well developed, she pretty much looks her age. No wonder, though, she's still in middle school. She's also quite naive and there were a few times during our homework sessions she unknowingly (I hope so, at least) flashed her panties. I don't find her all that sexually attractive, but it made me feel rather uncomfortable to be honest. The silly girl didn't really fathom why, asking why my face turned red. Nothing happened between us, don't worry. She's still a kid after all!


Funny story, by the way. Maria and I actually started having sex on a quite regular basis after a while and one night while she was giving me head on the couch, Ruruka came downstairs to take a leak. She couldn't see what was going on and to tease Maria a bit, I started talking to her daughter. Maria continued pleasuring me orally and the li'l girl didn't even notice!

That wasn't the only time one of the kids was a meddling pest while I was more or less interested in doing their mum. One day I came back early from school and Maria was vacuuming the floor. I accidently tripped over the wire and landed right on top of her voluptuous body. And like in every damned clichéd anime, one my hands was grabbing one of her breasts. While I obviously had seen and felt them before, the soft firmness of them still surprised me. I was getting somewhat aroused and my gut feeling said Maria was in some horizontal adventures as well. We weren't alone, however. Emiru, the second daughter came home while we were still on the flor. She's like a ghost, I tell you. She hardly ever talks and you just don't really notice her. She's truly a bit of an enigma to me.


One time, we actually did have some kind of interaction. Dinner was ready and I went upstairs to get her. I opened the door to her room and I saw... something. She wasn't nude or anything, but it was obviously something she didn't want anyone to see. That same night, someone entered my room and climbed on top of me. Now I know what you're thinking, but it's not anything like that! The intruder was clad in black and tried to silence me. At first I didn't know it was Emiru, but my assailant fled through the window when I started to resist and I noticed Emiru was limping the day after. My mind may be pre-occupied with other things from time to time, but even I can connect those two dots. I tried asking her about what had transpired, but she was as talkative as ever.

Not long after, I met her on the streets and she was in terrible pain. I went to get Sanae's help and together we assisted her in getting home. After that, things were still awkward between us, but I can't help but shake the feeling that if I could go back in time and make a few different choices, we would've grown closer. In fact, that's how I feel about most of the girls. Sure, I slept with Sanae and her mum a bunch of times, but we weren't really "close". Not that I expected us to become a family, though. I generally don't sleep with family.

Things did improve over time. Maria is a hard-working woman and a bit ditzy at times, but she's also a great mother. She even took a week off to take care of her four daughters. They were all dealing with various problems and Maria made sure to solve them. My respect for her grew. I mean, this is the same woman I gave a remote-controlled vibrator which I pleasured her with while she was sharing a meal with the four girls, but the way she handled things was just astounding. The girls were a lot happier after Maria took care of their shit and even became friendlier to me.

The entire affair tired Maria herself out, however. Her behavior changed noticeably and it actually bothered me. It wasn't until I broke my right wrist in an unfortunate accident that she returned to her usual self. She works as a nurse and this was the perfect opportunity for her. It's as if she needed something she could really focus on. This was the Maria I knew and appreciated. And boned.

We didn't have sex the first few weeks after I broke my wrist and my carnal desires were putting me to the test. I was desperate. Fuck it, I even tried to take a peek at Ruruka's panties. All the girls' outfits started to arouse me. Maria in her nurse outfit, the girls' skirts... Can you imagine my ordeal? Maria woke up an insatiable sexual lust in me that first week and I was simply a victim to my own carnal desires. I couldn't even help myself since my right hand was pretty much out of commission. And the one time I tried to use my left hand, Maria walked in on me! She didn't even have the decency to finish it up for me. Such a bummer. I tried everything to take my mind off of sex. Cold showers helped a bit, but damned, I wanted to have some intercourse so badly.

I even dreamt they offered me the perfect medicine with their bodies. Yes, they. Maria, Sanae, Emiru, Arisa (who I didn't mention before, I guess) and even Ruruka. I... Holy shit. Imagine waking up in the living room from such a dream, only to see Sanae getting all worked up because of my throbbing erection.


But I think you can guess who helped me out in the end, right? Yeah, it was the loving and caring Maria all right. Waking up while her lips were tightly wrapped around my penis was a joy to behold. I didn't last very long, but that's to be expected after almost a month of not having an orgasm. We didn't stop fooling around right after I blew my load and her hands made quick work of me again. I wasn't done, though. My body was ready to give it another go and make sweet love to her. We were however rudely interrupted by Ruruka. Arisa had a fever and Maria quickly went to care of her daughter, leaving things unfinished with me.

The next morning was hell. Ruruka came to wake me up and jumped right on top of my morning wood. I really had to resist the urge to— And outside in the hallway, Emiru was taking a nap for some reason and she looked so peaceful and beautiful, my mind wandered off to a storage room and me undress— Ruruka then pushed me on top of Emiru. I accidently groped her breast and she really didn't seem to appreciate it. Next thing I know, Sanae was getting all worked up because of all the noise we made and of course she hit me.

Well, anyway, everything settled down eventually. The kids went to school, and Maria and I were still at home and we were both longing for each other. We forgot one tiny little thing, however. Arisa, the oldest sister, was still at home, sick... Everything seemed to conspire against me getting it on with Maria. Eventually it happened. Well, sorta... There was a small hiccup. I got Maria to wear her nurse outfit and while I was massively turned on already, it made me even more ecstatic. She tied me up and was giving me some good head, but then... she remembered to do the laundry. You can probably imagine I wasn't exactly pleased. She didn't even untie me! And you know what happened next? Arisa walked into my room. Luckily, before she could make a ruckus about me lying there buck naked and tied up, Maria came back to explain the situation.


Apparently I was suffering from a parasite that could kill me. I don't know why Arisa believed any word of it; it must've been her fever. Not that I actually cared, though. Maria started showing Arisa how to "cure" me and got Arisa to join in for a bit. I was getting pleasured by a mum and her daughter. Man, it was as if I was part of some adult visual novel or something. At some point Arisa, still a bit weak, fell asleep, and Maria and I continued having intercourse for a while. I felt a bit bad for Arisa because we were going at right above her face. Literally. Heck, I think some of our juices even landed on her face.

And you know what happened the next day? Arisa told everyone. Yeah. To my surprise, nobody really seemed to be bothered by it. Sure, they acted like they were upset at first, but their act quickly turned into a congratulation of some sorts. Their mum was getting pounded by a guy still in his teens are they were okay with it. Who would've thought?

All in all, my time with the Sagara Family was pretty weird but also oddly satisfying. Sometimes I wish Maria didn't have those meddling kids, but everything worked out just mightily fine in the end.

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