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Megaman Movie (mix of excited and terrified)


As history has shown, movie adaptations of games can be, em agonizingly painful. titles like Alone In The Dark and Doom (The Rock did make it a little epic for a while) are only a few examples. When i hear he words "Megaman Movie" i would say i cant help but feel uneasy. Like walking on eggshells and under half of them are bear traps. The Megaman world is strong on Lore but it would seem like somthing that would be an animated series... that has kina already happened.


Still a solid anime
Still was a solid anime

On the flip side, this is being made by the minds that made the new generation of Planet Of the Apes movies, the one movie that made my care about a monkey more then anything. With such a title under its belt, I have that hope this movie can be a way to redeem the blue Bomber after all these years. Another point on the worrying side is that we have absolutly no idea what kind of movie this is! Animated, live action (please no...), a Kid friendly movie,more directed to adults nostalgia sences, there is not enough infomation in that aspect. We also dont know what series they will lean towards. Either way, i can only do nothing but give a silent hope that it wont be the equivilant of the Mario Brothers Movie and make characters we know and love look like abominations. We are in 2015 now, anything beyond cant use the excuse of limit of tech or lack of imagnation

Your free however to use "flat out lobotomy."


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