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Extra, extra! Read all about it! It's The Gazetta Gazette!


Sometimes, things just slip through the cracks. But don't worry! The Gazetta Gazette has got your back! Whether you only raft down the streams of main or have terrible case of the niche itch, hopefully the Gazetta Gazette will have a little something for everyone! Purchase your copy today for the low, low price of $0.00 and see if the Gazetta Gazette is for you!

If nothing else, it makes a fine back scratcher, if you catch my drift.

Okay, stop. I see how long this blog is. What the hell are you talking about and what are you doing this time, Zetta?

W-Well, I never! ... Okay, I ever.

Simply put, despite the numerous awesome people already writing here at Destructoid, everyone can't always cover everything. There's just so much! It's a miracle some of them are able to review as much as they do, quite frankly, because I know I couldn't go at that pace. After doing this, I'm ready for a vacation, and meanwhile I'm still working on LBX, only at chapter three or four at that!

Regardless of that, the point is that some bits of information, like the nifty little rhyme describes, sometimes just slips through the cracks. But because this is such a cool community, I'd still like to share the news and let people discuss some of the goings on that don't get to be covered on the front page or by other bloggers. We do have the News tag here, so that... does mean it's mean to be used, right?

If that still doesn't make sense, basically, I'm just doing an infodump of stuff that's happened in the gaming world that might not have been reported on the site. Obviously I'll try to avoid anything too recent in case it's just going to be covered soon, I'm not trying to steal anyone's thunder or anything, but recent is relative? I can always edit stuff out if need be.

Also, because of how much work this ended up being, the first issue may end up being the last issue. So, uh, enjoy it! But seriously, we'll see.

First up: Current Events!

It's that time of year again! The only gaming event that actually covers Vita titles! Well, and Japanese titles in general.

Yes, TGS 2015 is upon us, and so we must celebrate. What better course of action is there? I can think of nothing I'd rather do as I gaze upon the list of games that don't stand a chance of localization, title after title that I'll never see in my native tongue... Ah, I'm shivering just thinking about it!

Now, while Destructoid did give a brief rundown on some of the developers and studios that are planning on visiting the show, given that the event is coming up, I'm going to smudge my "not too recent content" rule on this one so people can have an advance peek at what's to come:

  • Capcom is bringing multiple Monster Hunter titles, many playable on the floor, as well as Resident Evil 0 and Street Fighter V to the event! I'm glad to see the Monster Hunter series branching out, myself, so I hope these new ventures work out for them.
  • Bandai Namco is bringing a boatload of licensed games, mobile games, and much more to TGS, including quite a few items that were actually leaked ahead of schedule! These additions, new and otherwise, include the recently announced new Kamen Rider Battride War title for all current Playstation devices, two new idolm@ster titles, each exclusive to PS4 and Vita respectively, and quite a few more! As you might expect, I am excite for that Kamen Rider title.
  • Koei Tecmo has a large assortment of console, handheld, and mobile games to show off, including the new Atelier game, their new anime Warriors tie in title, the much anticipated Hyrule Warriors Legends, and even an Atelier mobile game!
  • Konami ain't got nothin'.

    Gematsu Sources with full lists: Capcom, Bandai Namco, Bamco leak, Koei Tecmo, Konami

If you'd just rather check out the live stream schedule, don't worry, that's out too, but I expect someone at Destructoid will be covering that soon enough, especially since we've got people going there live and in person! Do us proud, Sensei!

Oh, and for those interested, by my count, nearly 30 Vita titles will be present at this event! About 5 of them might even be localized! Eeeeee!

And now, a word from our sponsors at Nippon Ichi Software. Let's see what they've been up to!

Everyone get their fill of the recently released Disgaea 5 demo? If not, you PS4 owners can download it now and see what you think! Unless you don't have a PS4. Then you can just stare longingly at your screen, holding a controller and pretending it's you playing the game. As for me, much as I've been hearing pretty good things, being sans PS4 and a little burned after not playing D2, I'm gonna be holding off on this one for a bit. In any case, we're not here for Disgaea, much as I'd like to be, so let's get to the news!

While The Witch and The Hundred Knight's sequel and PS4 port/remake (can we call them reports yet?) are both on the way, NIS isn't stopping there. Or with the new Criminal Girls either, for that matter! Officially announced earlier this month, Coven and Labyrinth of Refrain is a first person dungeon crawler that sounds like it might be trying to capture some of the Disgaea magic on handhelds in the same way Disgaea and its various cohorts on the PS2 used to back in the day.

Considering how much staff NIS is rumored to have lost to fellow RPG developer Compile Heart, and adding in the fact that Compile Heart already has a dungeon crawler from releasing soon, and you have a regular old rodeo on your hands.

Speaking of...

Wait, how did that get in there?! Quick, run the commercial, run the commercial!

Shocking, well, probably no one, Compile Heart's been pretty busy! It must be nice to have so many friends to work with you with all of your different ideas. I don't even have an artist or a musician for my few... Why, I... I'm so lonely. Wait, where was I? Oh, right.

As I mentioned, many supposed former NIS staff have moved on to greener, bustier, less clothed pastures over at Compile Heart, and the fruits of their bounty are well on the way, both set to have released before the end of the year. At the very least, we do know that former director of Disgaea 4, Z.H.P., and more is already there and happy, and rumors say that he didn't go alone, but rumors are rumors. Let's talk about the games!

One of these games, Makai Shin Trillion, has actually already released, earning a surprisingly positive score of two 9/10s and two 8/10s in Famitsu, while the other, dungeon crawling girl-plus-mech extravaganza MeiQ something or other, aka Death Under the Labyrinth, will be launching in December. The former has been covered somewhat by Destructoid already, while the latter is a crazy girls-plus-robots adventure featuring former folks from NIS and Atlus, apparently? They also got La Pucelle's artist back for it!

We also can't forget Fairy Fencer F! Originally released on PS3 and having launched on PC this past August, Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force will be coming to PS4 in Japan as a heavily enhanced version of the first game, containing two new story routes, new playable characters, three difficulty settings to choose from, and much more, including the appearance of the father of beloved mascot character Pippin!


For those who would like to know more about Fairy Fencer F, I actually reviewed the PS3 version of Fairy Fencer F recently. It's my favorite Compile Heart title to date, and as the PC release kept NISA's solid localization after all, I have to recommend either version for any impatient gamers out there who don't want to wait for Advent Dark Force to launch on PS4 in Japan and then wait even more for it to get localized.

Compile Heart has also been preparing for the release of their third scandalous monster girl rubbing game, following Monster Monpiece and Moero Chronicle, entitled Moero Crystal. Launching later this month with a boatload of girls that lose their monster parts the more you rub them, I really have to question what direction they were going in with this one. Is this about monster girls, or girls in monster costumes you take off, effectively (and literally) rubbing out the point?

You'd think an anime airing about monster girls would mean they would have learned they could do both, but apparently not! Tell me how it is, Destructoid, I haven't watched anime in a while. Maybe it's worth a peek or three?

Now then, with most of the Compile Heart news out of the way, it's time to move on to a special, themed section...

It's time for Neptunia Monthly!

Shortly before the world burst into happy happy joy joy over the anniversaries of Playstation and the Dreamcast, another somewhat Sega-related creature was celebrating their anniversary.

That's right, believe it or not, the Neptunia franchise is already five years old! Can you believe it? Personally, I think the franchise has come a long way — a look at that first PS3 game compared to the new one should be all the tell you need — but obviously, that's a pretty controversial topic, so let's leave it there and get to the news. Stilll, at least some of you have to admit that it must be doing something right.

Now then, where Destructoid last left off, Neptunia U and Hyperdevotion Noire for Playstation Vita were the most recent English releases of the series, while Re;Birth 2 was coming to PC. Congrats to whoever won that contest, by the way!

As an aside, the winning lottery numbers last night were 6.. 9... 80... 08... 5...

Since then, Re;Birth 3 has entered beta testing on PC, and two Neptunia spinoffs for the Playstation Vita have been announced and prepped for launch, with arrival on Japanese shores set for this Fall and Winter!

The first of these spinoffs has been dubbed by English websites as Extreme Dimension Tag Blanc + Neptune vs The Zombie Army, which is... more or less close to what the title is in Japanese, though we'll have to wait and see what Idea Factory International does with it before the rest of us know what we'll be calling it outside of Japan for sure.

The game is built around a high school setting, a movie club, and zombies for its crazy premise, and features the Nintendo-themed character, Blanc, as its lead heroine thanks to the result of a character poll held some months back, as well as a new character based on the game's co-developer, Tamsoft. Yes, you read that right, Tamsoft!

Blanc + Neptune Do High School of the Dead will also be the third Neptunia title developed in collaboration with Tamsoft, who are mostly known for the Senran Kagura and Onechanbara games these days, sharing Senran Kagura fame with the series' publisher, Marvelous. As some of you may remember, Chris gave the last Tamsoft-developed Neptunia title fairly positive marks, and as this seems to be building off of where that game left off, it should be interesting to see where they go with it.

Seeing as they've brought in characters that have been absent from the series for quite some time, even the spinoffs, I'm glad for that much, even if it doesn't do too much else... But I suspect it might.

Did I mention this will be the first Neptunia game with online functionality? Watch out!


The second, potentially much more exciting of the upcoming Neptunia spinoffs also has a long and silly title, but the short version of it is Neptunia vs Sega Hard Girls. For those unaware, Sega was actually the publisher of the Neptunia series in Japan, but then they pulled out for a while for some reason. I'm sure it didn't have anything to do with the Sega Hard Girls, their own official brand of consoles turned into girls, which went on to have an anime and cameo appearances in a plethora of Sega products, at least.

Whatever happened, that was then, and this is now — and now? Sega is back in the Neptunia picture, and they're collaborating on a game together alongside Felistella, former Swordcraft Story developers under a new name as well as the collaborative developers of the three Neptunia Re;Birth games.

In Neptunia vs Sega Hard Girls, Neptunia mainstay IF, the character representing Idea Factory, and a Neptunia newcomer representing Sega will go on an adventure with Neptunia's Sega-based characters as well as with the Sega Hard Girls, in an RPG of epic proportions that will involve crawling, jumping, and... well... Oh, hey, Neptune turns into a bike! That's something, right?


On a more pertinent note to those of us in the Western community, the first Neptunia PS4 title, Megadimension Neptunia VII, will be coming overseas early next year! If you're confused about why it's Megadimension now instead of Hyperdimension, well, blame NISA for not keeping up with the titles (the -dimension actually changed nearly every game) or Compile Heart for being their goofy selves with the titles and IFI finally deciding to set them straight in the West.

Among other exciting new things, Neptunia VII features a new goddess based off of the Sega Dreamcast, who is already set to appear in both of the previously mentioned spinoff titles. Beyond her, characters that play on Capcom, Konami, Bandai Namco, and Square-Enix will also be appearing as primary antagonist figures, and the game adds to the good times even more by having DLC collaboration characters that are based on fellow developer nitro+, as well as ones based on Bandai Namco and Square-Enix properties, God Eater and Million Arthur.

Now where is my Soul Sacrifice-chan?

Let's move on to Economy!

There have been so many cool Kickstarters lately! Only the big ones tend to get much mention anymore, especially with people turning sour towards the whole idea of crowdfunding, but if I could have a moment (they're all basically done anyway), I really have to give a shoutout to some of these.

First, there's Boma Naraka Sura, a really, really nice looking Metroidvania that's been recently funded for PC with roots deep in Asian mythology. Though I'm not as keen on the menu art, the actual gameplay looks really nice (did I mention that already?), and it reminds me a bit of Vanillaware titles, actually. I'm looking forward to how it turns out, and I believe there's also a demo for those curious as well.

Next, a lot of visual novels have taken to Kickstarter following past success stories like Grisaia; some wholly original, some not but just looking to finally be released in the West.

From the likes of Echo Tokyo to Memory's Dogma and more, Kickstarter may become the go-to for future visual novel localizations and developers alike, if games like HuniePop are any proof. By the way, don't forget that the MuvLuv localization is planning to have a Kickstarter to make that a reality soon too! And remember what I said about MuvLuv...


Moving on back to the indie scene for a bit, while we're all in the anniversary mood, is it almost October already? Well, get ready to celebrate, because we're almost at the one year anniversary of Shantae: Half-Genie-Hero's original release month! ... which it missed. But hey! In the meantime, WayForward's kept us busy porting their games to Wii U and PC, making mobile and smart watch titles, and even releasing early access titles to keep us distracoccupied!

While it's sad to see that we're still a ways away from having Shantae all to ourselves, why not grab some other WayForward titles or give the new Mighty Switch Force! game that's out on Steam Early Access a try in the meantime?

In other news, Aussie indie Hollow Knight, am upcoming PC and Wii U game I am really looking forward to, is going into beta soon. Like Shantae: HGHHollow Knight is a little late (only a couple of months now, no biggie), but it's not like people would hold a delay against a game/developer... Right...?

Well, regardless, I'll be in that beta, at least I think I will be, so provided I won't get sued for saying so, expect to hear how much I love playing as a little bug man soon! 

Meanwhile, Mighty No. 9 backers will be getting full access to a huge chunk of the game for a month in a few days, which will hopefully let more people in on whether or not it's really all that or not all that. Most people probably are going to end up forgetting this as soon as Shovel Knight's own bit of delayed goodness comes out a few days later in the form of its Plague of Shadows update, myself included if we're being completely honest, but let's try to let everyone have their chance in the spotlight, yeah?

And now for Politics... Or... Personals...? Wait, which section is this-- Hold on, Breasts can't be its own section! I don't have nearly enough material on Konami right now for one on Dicks!

While TGS looks like it's going to be relatively fanservice free, provided Miku can keep her pants on anyway, that doesn't mean the Vita's going to be getting off scott free, because it's been doing plenty of getting off while we weren't looking. What a minx!

Another new dungeon crawler was announced for the console a while back, this one entitled Omega Labyrinth, which is about breasts. I'm sure this offends a lot of people by existing, and I'm not sure that I should link to or even describe a game like this on my first issue. I mean, given that it's about a bunch of girls getting into groups to shove things in their cleavage and go into dark caves in the hopes of increasing the bust size at the whim of a fairy that seems way too into them (did the HuniePop people make this?), someone is bound to blow something all over me if I were to get into it.

I have to say, while Marvelous' execs supposedly may not be happy with Senran Kagura's sales (a series that also recently celebrated an anniversary, incidentally), the influence it's had on the gaming landscape, at least with niche games like this, seems undeniable.

... Or it would if we hadn't had games about feeling up people as far back as the DS.

If nothing else, I give Omega Labyrinth props for sounding hilarious and not beating around the bush like Compile Heart are with their monster girls. As our future President Labeouf once said:



Omega Labyrinth and its clever use of the lower case form of omega aren't the only games getting around, heavens no. While the amount of fanservice games tends to be exaggerated, we can't let the breast of the bunch go without mention! I am, of course, referring to the bountiful works of Kenichiro Takaki, and all that comes from his magical bossom.

Senran Kagura Estival Versus may not have released in the West just yet, but it's been seeing quite the parade of post-launch support, particularly in the form of DLC characters. From cameo appearances from Senran Kagura New Wave's Ayame to Dead Or Alive and Ninja Gaiden's Ayane, not to mention the likes of more familiar Senran Kagura characters, Daidouji and Rin, the already sizeable roster of this multiplayer extravaganza continues to grow and evolve thanks to these new characters, some free, and patches well after the game's launch.

It also might be worth mention that, in an interview with NicheGamer, Takaki mentioned that he thinks daily about bringing Senran Kagura to PC. Is the world ready for Senran Kagura on PC...!?

Whether it is or isn't, Takaki isn't done with just those! While the Senran Kagura reached a million worldwide sales this year, Takaki is already busy busting out all sorts of goodies for those eagerly awaiting weaponized lesbians in the form of Valkyrie Drive.

Come back next week for the exclusive interview The Gazetta Gazette will be having with these confused sisters! You won't believe what their mother has to say!

As many may already be aware, Valkyrie Drive is a ridiculous threesome bursting at the seams consisting of a mobile game, a Vita game, and an anime series that is set to kick off later this year. We've been seeing teasers for the Vita game, which features incestuous sisters and giant weapons, the mobile game, which features a fusion of lesbians and Dragon Ball Z's fusions in the form of cheap photoshops, and the anime, which features pretty much all of the above in animated form.

It's unclear yet how much the three will actually mingle with each other, seeing as each game seems to have its own story and cast, but who knows what's in store for us?

Well, besides for more tissues.

I'm getting word from the office that I need to think of the children here. Very well! Coming up, Nintendo news...!

For all of you Fire Emblem or Shin Megami Tensei fans out there who might be feeling disappointed by how the upcoming franchise lovechild game on Wii U looks so far, there have been a series of interviews that might ease some of your concerns. Personally, I'm of the mind that the game thus far is paying plenty homage to the "SMT" it intended to, so if it can cover its Fire Emblem bases well enough, we should be dandy.

As it turns out, according to some of these interviews, we just might be! Check them out for yourself over here at Nintendo Everything. Here's a bit of it to show you just what I'm talking about:

"While Mirage Chrom is named Chrom and the design represents successive lord lineage, it has sharpness and darkness that is a characteristic of Atlus games. And you can’t have him taking the spotlight from the main character, but then again you can’t lower his presence too much, either.
It is the same for Caeda. Whether a red or blue outfit would be better was already a cause of trouble. (During a play she wears red, but usually Fire Emblem series shows allies with blue costumes and enemies with red costumes in-game)
At those times I remembered the words of Takada-san from Atlus.
‘In order to pile up two cultures on top of another, we too had discussions repeatedly at first, we did trial and error over and over again, but finally it is something that has the identity of the creator.’
Please enjoy the fruits of struggling to find an identity like that."

I was already feeling like people weren't giving this game enough credit, but reading some of these interviews has me extra sure of it. Check them out for yourself if you don't believe me!


Tangentially related to Nintendo, another one of the big monsters of Monster Hunter X was revealed — the Raizex. That name just oozes kool, doesn't it? It's apparently an electric dragon, looking a lot like some of the monsters from the MMOs we never see in the regular games at that, but either way, I fully expect to see fanart of it and Pokémon's Zekrom at some point. Get to it, internet!

Oh, you can also dress up a new little pet as well, replacing the little pig friend we normally get in other games.

I just have to ask... Will this series ever let you just have a, you know, a dog for a change? C'mon! Enough with the blatant cat love! This is dogist!

This? This is actually a real one.

Well, in other semi-related-to-Nintendo news, Skylanders SuperChargers will be having a midnight launch event, if any are interested. The game will be the first to have online multiplayer, with the Wii and 3DS versions of the game being outright racing games of all things. Has Skylanders gone too far, or has it not gone far enough?

Let's ask Pokémon!

Actially, this is just a reminder to any Pokémon trainers out there, but there are some events going on at the moment. Here's a brief rundown:

  • In the US, the Shiny Rayquaza event in ORAS will be ending on Monday (September 14th).
  • In the UK, the Shiny Rayqyaza event in ORAS ends on September 21st, but requires going to a store to download it.
  • In Germany, the above event ends September 28th, also requiring some travel.
  • If you have an active Pokémon Bank account, you have until the end of November to get the Hidden Ability Johto starters in ORAS.
  • Until the end of November, using the serial codes POKEMON497, POKEMON500, and POKEMON503 will get the Hidden Ability Unova starters in ORAS.

Don't forget now, everybody!

And now we come to our last segment: Visual Novels! ... This... IS a novel with visuals, isn't it?

Last, but not least, visual novels! ... Again, since I already covered them in Kickstarters and indies a little, but hey, why not, right?

Studio 07th Expansion, known for such fantastic works such as the When They Cry series of visual novels (better known to some as Higurashi and/or Umineko) and the Rose Gun Days series announced back in April that an exciting new project is on the way! Here's the story on ANN, though there's really not much known yet, even now. Still, it's definitely going to be worth paying attention to, knowing their past works.

Tangentially related to this topic, visual novel-star-studded fighting game NitroPlus Blasterz, set to release at some point down the road overseas on PS3 and PS4, has been giving its roster some healthy additions! After it added Senran Kagura's Homura to the mix, they decided to keep the good times rolling with a cameo appearance from Arcana Heart in the form of Aino.

NitroPlus Blasterz will be starring a plethora of characters most of you probably haven't heard of, but if you remember our dear old friend Brittany Vincent's love for one of them, or if you've just played Saya no Uta, you should be fine. If not, then hey, Saber's in it.

Oh, and before I forget, one last time: Last of all this lastness, keep an eye out for the MuvLuv crowd funding campaign, as it's set to go down very soon, and any visual novel fan would be remiss to not get their fill of that gem. They're apparently interested in bringing it to more than just PC, if I've understood things right, but even if they're just bringing the PC versions over, I can't recommend these games enough!

And that's a wrap!


Wow. I mean... Wow. That was, uh, long, huh? Damn! I was hoping it wouldn't get this long, but that's life, huh? Well, I figured this would either be a one time thing or just something to maybe to if I had time and there was a "need" for it, so yeah.

It is basically, like... ten or so smaller articles crammed together, but since we only have the options to either do it all at once or wait, and I don't know what I'll want to write about later (if anything), it makes the most sense to make it all into a "newspaper" and send it out at once, right?

Nope? Still doesn't make sense? Well, alright. In that case, let's just get on with the last part of this masterpiece of a disaster then! Let's get on with...

The boring part.

Sources: Gematsu, Niche Gamer, Nintendo Everything, Siliconera, as well as Zetta's own observations!
Images, Videos, & Links:
(rather than actually including any more images and making this mess seem any bigger than it already is/isn't, I'll just divide up links to what wasn't already linked to by what section they go to here and label 'em in case anyone wants to see anything specific)

Wh... Whew! Now that's really a wrap! Sourced, sort of anyway, and then imaged up and all ready to go!

I, uh, hope this was okay to do? Like I said, I didn't want to steal anyone's thunder, front page or otherwise, but a lot of this is pretty old and I like people here so I didn't want Dtoid to be left out 'n' stuff. Either way, props to the guys that basically do it all day. Me, I'm beat, so I'm gonna go back to the masochistic adventure that is the 3DS Sonic Boom demo (because it honestly is starting to feel more and more like it's more put together than Lost World on here does).


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