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Alright, just let me explain. I've gotten pretty good at that.


Bonus points to anyone who can guess what game this is from. It'll actually be in an upcoming review.

Aw snap, boys and girls. I've taken a break from free-time writing for a few months now and because writing has been a very nice and longstanding hobby for me in my life I have decided to boot up the ol' writing factory once again. Don't get me wrong, I have been writing, but mostly for school purposes. School has actually started back up for me so writing might still be a struggle but I am willing to make a few sacrifices for the hobby that has done me so much good. God damn does it feel good to be back. Well I'm not entirely back. I still have to get back into the groove of things and judging by all the changes to Destructoid as a website I'm gonna have to adjust my groove to site right in once again. Regardless, I would love to have a ball once again within the community I've had the most fucking rad time with.

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Seth "ScreamAid" Nelson. I was the jerk-off who reviewed a bunch of flash and mobile games. I still plan on doing that, because 1) I love doing it, and 2) there's still a lot of good ones to review. I also had the VGMC series, which I still love to write and share. One thing though: the update kinda screwed up and deleted all the videos from my past VGMC blogs. Anyone know what happened there and if it'll be fixed? Anyways, I got plenty to write for you (you should really see the backlog of stuff I have to eventually write about, like jeez). Add in a few random and mostly dumb miscellaneous posts and you got the general gist of me on here. Radical, no?

Bonus points to anyone who can guess what game this is from. It'll actually be in another upcoming review.

Now to get myself whipped back into the shape of the super super paratrooper and totally stellar writing I'm known worldwide for, I've decided to simply explain what I've been doing during the time of my little hiatus from you guys and my lovely passion. You ready? Maybe. I wouldn't know. You just get ready, alright? I mean you can read this at you own pace, as that's how reading kinda works, but just get ready or whatever anyways.

I haven't been writing, and for the most part I haven't even been gaming. I mean, I've been playing a lot of the game called life, but other than that not much to talk about. So why not talk about the little game called life, huh? A big thing in my life that has pushed writing down on my priority list is something, or someone, who managed to make me feel even better than I did writing. This person is my girlfriend. After nearly three whole years of never even considering being in a relationship (actually trying to not like people like that for a good while), a friend of mine became a lot more than a friend and I've got myself a girlfriend. Me and her talk quite a lot. I've written so much for her that you guys should be jealous. Like seriously, I devote a lot of time to her. I finally got a person who isn't a figment of my imagination who I actually love. I never thought I'd say that and holy shit am I glad I'm saying it. It's pretty awesome, I can't lie. She's a total sweetheart and I'm lucky as all hell to be with her. She's turned me into such a romantic it's crazy. Although I can't lie, I do enjoy how it affects how I write now days. It sucks that she's moving in February.

This is her. What a freshly baked cutie pie.

In other news, let's talk about the writing I've done outside of creative writing (which is a class I take next semester, which means even more writing). I have AP English this year, and for summer reading I had a few assignments. One was a 500 (well, 500 word minimum. Easy, really) word essay about the book In Cold Blood, which I ended up liking a whole lot. I would suggest reading it. If you're interested in it just ask me about it and we can have just the loveliest of chats. The second assignment was three separate responses to the book The Poisonwood Bible, which while it's interesting and poetic as all hell, had terrible pacing and Africa as a setting (I swear I can not get into Africa as a setting. I have no clue why). I dropped it after the first half and spark-noted the rest. I wouldn't call it a bad book but merely reading it for school was horrible. I mean, reading stuff for school just sucks anyway. I loved In Cold Blood so much more once I wrote the essay and didn't have to care about it for school again. School does that to books, I guess.

I've had a lot of fun keeping up with various comics and podcasts, too. I've made the bold choice of holding off on a few podcasts for now a while though, as they're draining too much time for my feeble time frame and horrific sleep schedule. Comics can stay though. Most of them don't take a long time to read and a bunch don't even update weekly. Podcasts I've been keeping up with: Podquisition, SleepyCast, RT Podcast, and RLF. Comics I've read or kept up with: Toriko, One Piece, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8: Jojolion, OnePunch Man, Berserk (which is back, baby!), Fairy Tail Zero, Dorohedoro, and Ojojojo.

Ojojojo hands down has the cutest artstyle I've seen in forever.

And although games have kinda been on the lower end of my priority list (it's hard to play a game and text my girl at the same time, you know?), music has not. I've still been into plenty of good music, VGM or not. Not only have I still been consistently introduced to new music and soundtracks and reviewers by my man Klagmar and also SupraDarky, but I've been back into some older VGM that I used to know and love, and still do know and love. Needless to say, the VGMCs will me going strong, if nothing else.

So that's just about it. I'll admit: the community here is pretty easily the most fun and enjoyable and legitimately wholesome group of fellas I've come across so far on my writing crusade through the internet. I'm glad I'm writing here. You guys are pretty rad and I'm gonna try a bit harder to actually bounce around in the comments and front page. Before I usually just posted and monitored the c-blogs, with the occasional visit to the front page. I'm gonna try to be a bit more present here. I love to be a part of communities. Like, god damn. See you around, lovelies~!

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