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What would you like to see a speed run of?


I've been resently taking more of a look at speedruns recently, and even the idea of it is mind boggling to me. a player who spent their time memorizing and calculating every aspect of a game to effectively beat it at record time. From Megaman to Bloodborne, so much possibilities are open from the classic "winning mario 64 with no stars" or "finishing Megaman X 100% in 36 minutes!?" However i pesonally wondered if there is some games that we have yet to see a speedrun, or a record that deserves to be broken by now. I pesonally want to do a speedrun of Silhouette Mirage.

Is it weird that this image is forshadowing the later weirdness?

Side scrolling high stakes and high speed shooting finger banging (she shoots from her fingers you perv) action. This is one of those games you didnt even know you had, popped it in, and then questioned everything in life after playing. I intend to start a speedrun of this game as fast as i humainly can, and i hope to see somone try and beat my record. But more intresting is Why i want to do a speedrun of this. The game was made by Treasure, the oddball that gave us women with helicopter breasts. Their games set the bar for how innovative and even weird you can be with your creation. With that seeing a giant fish girl who pesters you about buying her flowers, or a Gender switching antaganist at the playstation 1 Era was my first peak at the true view of a crazy yet fantastic Developing team.

 Minigun dolls must be a product of somones nightmare.

Well thats a Vuvu's opinion on the matter, but what would be a game you would like to watch speedrunned? or even is there a game that YOU would speedrun if you had the oppotunity? 

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