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A warm welcome and cheers!


With the release of so much fantastic games, and fantastic total crap, I normally obserb from the sidelines and occasonally voice a bit of an opinion on my Blogspot. It was a hobby of mine at first but its slowly growing into a passion. I wanna talk about it all, play it all, rage at it all and share the experience with you. Streaming, webcasting, blogging, and failing, i intend to do them all with either a smile on my face, a gut-wrenching frown or a bottle of disaronno!

The image looks alot more like hot sauce now that i think about it...

With some of the sudden events like Gunvolt being released for steam, and my pesonal almost orgasmic feel of nostalgia when playing a game that even remotly reminds me of megaman. A realisation that there is STILL NO NEW ARMORED CORE GAME and whatever could collectively raise your eyebrow, i will see what i can share to you all. if your intrested in my past stuff,feel free to ask me if you wish to peak, but other then that Destructoid is my new home!



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About Vusterone of us since 4:38 AM on 09.03.2015

Hello, sup and hai (in that order) I am Vuster, popping in to do a little bit of content for your joystick wigglers,button mashers,auto aim botters and em, i guess gamers as well. Hoping to unload all of my wisdom all over distructoid! I occasionally use Googles blogger tool for my past posts and I want to expand even more.