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Gametoids - EA


Oh Electronic Arts. You've published so many great games but nickel and dime your customers to death. So most of us love to hate you. However, many other companies followed your lead so now you're a trend setter. Congratulations!


*Spoilers for Gametoids episode 2 follows*


I stopped buying every annual edition of Madden years ago. I did pick up this year’s regurgitation and was taken aback by the exorbitant amount of ways to bleed money from their customers. Very disappointing. I think the next step will be to charge a fee to unlock each team you want to be playable in the game. At $14.99 per team that would be and extra $479.68 for all of the teams on top of the $59.99 base game. Wow, that's depressing just to think about. Lets move along.

Our first Gametoid is The Sims. A game that I've picked up every now and then over the years. I usually spend my time with the game discovering different ways to incapacitate my sims. This last for about 30 minutes then I'm done. I'll have plenty of time to master the art of micromanaging bowel movements when I'm elderly.

Next up we have Tiger Woods '99. Besides Mario and Golden Tee, Gulf games are a genre I've mostly ignored. I do enjoy finding out when game developers hide things in games, they've been doing it since the beginning, but this is the first time I've heard about an entire uncensored animated short. You couldn't watch the episode through your Playstation, instead you had to put the disc into your pc and open the file Zzdummy.dat. You can find this episode on youtube easily enough but it's definitely NSFW.

Finally we have a Gametoid about Dead Space. I love horror movies. I watch them regularly. I rarely fall for the jump scare and I have no problem sleeping afterward. Playing horror video games on the other hand I find creepy and unsettling. I can only play for small periods of time before I need to take a break.  I do try to intensify the atmosphere by turning out the lights and using a headset but still, they freak me out and I wasn't too surprised to find out what that was behind the menu screen in Dead Space. A horror game that I only lasted half way through the original demo.

See you next time when we will bring you a few Gametoids on Atari. 

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