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Gametoids - Episode 1 - Nintendo



Well hello there Destructoid! The times… they be a changin’. I wanted to post this blog last week but I needed a little time to get acclimated and find out exactly what would be changing around here. Personally I don’t mind changes. I’ll adapt. Though I can certainly understand how someone who loves the status quo would be adverse to it. The community here is extremely passionate and that's a good thing.

We also decided to change things up recently. We don't have near the following of Destructoid so no one is chasing us with pitchforks. For those of you that have followed us you know that most of our videos ran a little long. They had comedy bits, vignettes, musical interludes, and special effects. Those things take a lot of time to produce. For two guys with families and full time jobs who do this for fun it became increasingly difficult to find the time make more than a few videos a year. We really enjoy making them though and wanted to keep our excuse we tell our wives to get together and drink find a way to continue making videos without the huge time sink.


Enter Gametoids. Short videos about factoids, nuances, musings, and things we find funny or interesting in video games. It's not lost on me that the title of this series is befitting Destructoid either. I wouldn't even mind making this series exclusive to Destructoid. “Hit me up Dtoid staff” :wink: :wink:

We love this community and most of the time the staff. “C'mon Chris Carter, 6.5 for A Link Between Worlds?” Yer killin' me! We're excited to share Gametoids with you and we hope you enjoy watching it.

*Spoilers for Gametoids episode 1 follows*

So you did click on the above video and watched episode one right? Good, now lets continue. I love Nintendo! Seriously. I grew up with the Nes and Snes and no matter what they do today I will always have a soft spot for Nintendo. Our first Gametoid is about Mr. Mario himself Charles Martinet. This is basically due to Gametoids originally being about celebrities in gaming but we soon realized that we needed to broaden the scope of our factoids. Charles Martinet has actually been in dozens of movies and television shows. In this episode we chose “The Game” starring Michael Douglas.

Our second Gametoid is about Ocarina of Time 3D. I was shocked when I read that the original bugs were intentionally left in the game. I'm all for nostalgia but c'mon! Fixing errors in a remake should be a priority. Much like save states. It's a different era of gaming. People like me who grew up with these games and are now adults rely on this modern functionality to continue enjoying and purchasing games. Playing for hours until I come upon a save point is a thing of the past.

Lastly for episode one we have the awesome early 90's ad campaigns from Nintendo and Sega. Who didn't love these commercials? The torch was later carried by Sony with Crash outside of Nintendo headquarters with a megaphone. It now appears even NEC got into the act.

Stay tuned for episode 2 when we talk Electronic Arts.

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