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Friday Night Fights: Love And Monsters Edition


Hello and welcome to the first official Friday Night Fights post of this weird new era. As I write this, I'm currently re-watching Spring, an indie horror romance that was released recently. Normally putting the words "horror" and "romance" next to each other you end up with some boring, pretentious Gothic horror movie about self-loathing vampires. In this case, it's really a mix of Before Sunrise and H.P. Lovecraft. I really love it. Partially because it plays to my interests (I'm a huge Lovecraft fan) and partially because it manages to do something unique. The two leads do bang up work, especially Nadia Hilker. I don't want to spoil it overmuch because it's currently free to stream on Amazon Prime Instant and you should put aside two hours with a loved one and watch it. Or be like me and watch it on your own and momentarily forget your crushing lonliness and the steadily increasing speed at which death is approaching. You know, happy shit like that.

I like that people are using genre film as a jump off to mix and match pieces from other genres. A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night is another recent movie that mixes horror and romance, but it has a distinctly more art house Jim Jarmusch-ian style. It actually bills itself as an Iranian vampire spaghetti western. Possibly a smaller potential audience but still a good watch.

At any rate, I'm not going to be hosting anything this week due to being a broke ass wage slave who couldn't afford to re-up his PSN account due to a couple emergency purchases (pants and shoes over PSN). However, feel free to jump in with your own game. I had a great time with DepressedOptimist playing Rocket League on Sunday. I got why people have gotten so into it but it didn't really click until my first public game. So simple but so perfect. Car soccer. I love being a gamer.

So, if you're interested in hosting for Friday Night Fights or Weekend Warriors, leave a comment below with the following information:

Game (System)
Time (EST, please)
Your Disqus/C-Blog name
Your GamerTag
(Optional: Twitch ID if you intend to stream, additional information as necessary)

Again, this is a PS FNF blog but we're currently accepting hosts for games on any system: Microsoft, Nintendo, PC OR Sony. Hope to see you out there.

-The Defenestrator

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