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Friday Night Fights Emergency Update: Pardon Our Apocalypse Edition


In case you hadn't noticed the sudden disappearance of links on the front page, the Destructoid Forums ("We Had Them") have been shuttered. Everyone got rickets and died. It was horrible. While I'm sure Niero has a plan to bring them back at some point down the line in a more tricked out form with better front page integration and less open hostility, that leaves Friday Night Fights in a weird position.

The forums were where the planning for our weekly community playdates got organized. There was already talk of consolidating them somehow to make things more user friendly for both the organizers and the community members but, as of now, things are up in the air. Community Manager Mike Martin is currently pitching ideas and trying to find a way to make things work. The quick fix is to gather hosts via C-Blogs. So, until we hear otherwise, Nanashi and I will be writing blogs a couple times a week looking for potential hosts and Mike will take all that info for his usual Friday afternoon post. This includes ALL systems, not just PlayStation.

So, if you're interested in hosting a game, just leave a comment below with the following information:

Game (System)
Time (Eastern Standard Time, please)
Your Disqus/C-Blog Name
Your Gamertag
Your Twitch ID if you intend to stream it

Also, Weekend Warriors is still a thing. It hasn't gotten much love lately but not everyone is home on a Friday night. Some people go outside and do things. So if you want to host a community get-together during the weekend, leave that information below as well and it will be added to the Friday post.

We'll keep you updated as the situation changes. Friday Night Fights are just too big a legacy to slough off. Nanners and I picked up the torch from Trev and the gang, who poured blood, sweat and tears into keeping everything together and giving Dtoid a place to relax and hang out together. Some of the most fun I've gaming has been on these Friday night get togethers I want to keep that tradition going, even if the delivery method changes.

I will be taking this Friday night off as I intend to drink coma-inducing amounts of Irish whiskey and mourn my dysfunctional, angry, yet weirdly loving cyber family of nearly three years... but I will be hosting some Rocket League on Sunday. So come by and see if I've regained the powers of speech yet.

And that's it. Whenever we learn something new, we'll let you know. In the meantime, I will eulogize the Destructoid Forums (2006 to 2015) the only way I'm emotionally capable of: through song. I think this one pretty much sums up the entire Forum, for good and ill. Thanks for letting me be a broken weirdo with you guys.

-The Defenestrator

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