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Everything Sucks


Feel free to fail this, whoever.

But everything sucks.

It's really a shame what is going on right now. There are obviously two sides with differing opinions sparring and a bunch of people seem to be packing up and leaving. After figruing out what went down and reading the opinions of both sides, all I feel right now is sad that the community, both the owners and editors of the site involved and the people on the other end, are going through this. I don't want to see people leaving. I left myself, returning after almost a year, and I regretted that choice. Because much like the current events, it too was inspired by outside forces that had nothing, really, to do with what we are all here to celebrate; not just gaming, but one another. Coming together as people.

I always thought of people as sort of disposable. I had a very dark period of my life for many years where I was socially ostracized and constantly under attack on a daily basis. It really embittered me and I took on a very pragmatic and selfish worldview as a result, one that will really always be a part of my personality. It made it difficult to trust anyone. So for a long time, I avoided EVERYONE.

Destructoid was the first community I really engaged with. Before that, I was part of an Ecco the Dolphin fansite (surprising no one ever) and it consumed a lot of my time. But a lot of it was negative too. Destructoid people, fucking crazy though they sometimes are, are the friendliest folk I've met on the internet. When Occams or Mike have said thing to me like "if you need anything, just ask" I know it's legitimate. It's not some horseshit platitude. Though I've never done it, I feel there are members I could literally pick up the phone and CALL if I needed, despite being a country away and never meeting them in person, just to talk. 

I know there is bad blood right now, but for anyone else on the fence; really think about it. Just walking away might seem like the best course in the heat of things, but goddammit if that isn't a mistake a good portion of the time. I dunno. It's not one of those situations where it's going to be easy to convince anyone to stay (KiiWy, why dammit?) but there is a lot of good here. Hell, the entire debacle itself came from a place of good intentions. That doesn't make the execution flawless or painless, but this didn't happen, clearly out of a place of malice. 

I've been trying to get a job as a writer. And so far I haven't had any opportunities. But I find it so fucking cool that Dtoid is the sort of place you can send an email to "support", and the goddamn owner of the site actually gets back to you and doesn't talk to you like a robot with a script. It's a site run by real humans, for real humans, and people have flaws and are imperfect. But at least it's not fucking IGN or some other corporatized place where "censorship" (because in the situation at hand, I don't know if that term is exactly accurate) happens as a simple matter of course without ANY wiggle room for discussion.

I dunno. I'm not a forum goer. I'll admit to barely perusing them mostly out of some social anxiety and a lack of time to do such, so I may not have the full story. But I know there are two sides, and I don't see pleasure taken in this situation on either.

I just hope it all gets smoothed over. And I hope, before anyone else decides to packup and leave, that they consider what a wonderful place they are leaving behind, despite its flaws and issues that come up here and there.

Maybe I'm just being naive.

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