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The Joys of Console Peasantry


Let's be honest if you didn't expect a picture of Bob Ross with a title like that, then you should probably get off the internet...

I've seen a lot of comment sections with arguements over which gaming platform is better. PC vs. Console, Xbox vs. Playstation, Genesis does what Nintendon't. Having really nothing that I care about happen in gaming news, the need to stick to my once a week article, and knowing how cool the c-blog community is has caused me to write about this. Seriously, with any other community on the internet this article would only cause a Flame war that would rival Nero (prepare the violins!). You guys are pretty cool, is what I'm saying. So let's get started.

I want to start of by saying that from an objective standpoint, PCs are the best platform for gaming. You cannot make an arguement against that. Better graphics, better framerates, able to compute more algorythms per second, and don't forget dos mods. Really you're only fooling yourself if you think otherwise. However subjectively I will always prefer a console. No matter how hard I try, whenever I want to play... I want to play my Ps4, Wii U, my NES, or whatever weird console I feel like. Here's why...

I grew up playing Consoles... they're familiar. I've been gaming since like '93; I started off with a NES, switched to a genesis (Damn you SEGA and your clever marketing, the super ninendo was WAY better!), then moved to Playstation, then the Xbox, and then all of them because I was old enough to have a job and money... yay money! I think that a small part of why I prefer consoles has to do with the fact I assosiate videogame playing with a couch and a tv. Which brings me to my next point, sit back vs. lean forward activities. For those of you unfamiliar with my hip jargon; there was a study conducted where people were watched as said people consumed media. In general some activities such as watching tv produced results where the majority of people leaned back and were in a less engaged, and more relaxed state while watching. Where as with activities such as gaming individuals tended to lean forward more, and were more engaged, and were in a lesser relaxed state while playing. So what does this have to do with Console vs. PC Master race gaming? Well, for me Console gaming is very much a lean back activity. I lay back on the couch and play. This causes me to assosiate console gaming with relaxation, even if I'm playing a game Dark Souls, though I've played through that game enough to be pretty good at it and find myself pretty relaxed through a good portion of it. Where as PC gaming for me is lean forward. The way the chair, the mouse and keyboard are set up forces you to lean forward to play. Thus I assosiate it with a more intense form of gaming. Which is probably why I tend to play more competitive multiplayer games on my PC. So then why would I prefer the more relaxed state to that of a more intense or immersive one? Simple, after a long hard day of work, before you head to bed (yay for the b shift) what do you want? You want to relax, unwind and prepare for the next day. Well, at least I do, especially on those tough days, when you come home and your super stressed and exhusted.

I do finally have one last point and that is that console gaming is less complex. I can go to a store, buy it and know that the game is going work... (though now-a-days it might be a horrible buggy mess, but let's be honest PC gaming tends to get the raw end of the stick in regards to ports anyways... I digress). I don't have to worry about specs or readjusting the settings because the auto-detect doesn't really work that great unless you like your games running at 7 fps... I realize it's an extremely little thing, and that very often those things aren't a big deal to deal with, and probably the result of my lower spec PC, but still it's something.

Also Also to go along with the PC games looking more buggy, some of them look worse, and run worse than their console counterparts. It's straight up BS as it is only the result of publishers intentionally making the console versions look better, but it exists. Oh Gaming industry, how greatly you have fallen...


Anyways what are you thoughts on the whole PC vs. Console preferance thing? Am I just missing something here, or did I get it right? Let me know below :D

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