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The DMC Diaries–Part 6


DMC Diaries 6

It’s been awhile but here’s a new entry in the DMC Diaries for Missions 10 and 11!

A lot of the Devil May Cry games have these maze levels where you need to leave the level through the right exit or else the area will just repeat itself. These are never done well and they always feel needless. Of course , the first game is no exception and Mission 10 has you following this orb thing that shows you which path to take. There’s enemies along the way and it’s fairly harmless. However, the camera angles once again had to at least screw me up once. As I entered the second area with these flying enemies, I tried to move forward to avoid a diving attack and the camera switches angles really quick. This makes me run backwards instead, letting the diving attack hit me back through the way I just came from. This resets the whole path. Bullshit.

I basically decide to avoid all the enemies on the path if I can and just follow the sphere out of there. I make it through to an area with two spider enemies that I take out fairly easily with my Devil Trigger ability. I pick up a Holy Water in the grass on the left and end the mission. After getting some upgrades, I start Mission 11 and immediately there’s this big flying asshole attacking me. I’m not having too much of a problem with him except that he keeps knocking me down this hole that’s inexplicably near the middle of the room. Each time he does it, the fight is reset and he gains all his health back. He does this three times and I only barely beat him because he gets a couple of hits in before knocking me into the hole again and I don’t regain my health. As a result, he almost kills me through sheer attrition and resetting the match for him.

After I defeat him, I go in the hole and kill some more enemies for a blue orb fragment and to collect a item I need to move on. I go around collecting some items and red orbs around the main room as well, including yet another blue orb fragment. I go into the next room and activate a boss fight with the Gargoyle dude again. This fight is a lot more frustrating than the last due to one stupid reason: the camera angles. This area has so many different camera angles and they are constantly switching. This means I can see where the hell this guy is! Luckily, I have my Devil Trigger lightning bolt ability but even with that, I almost die because he’ll sometimes teleport somewhere I can’t see him and shoot energy blasts at me. The fight takes forever so when I win and use an item to open the door, I end my session.

So that was my latest impressions of Devil May Cry. Not the most positive experience and I’m being reminded as to why this game pissed me off so much before. It’s a shame since my opinion was more positive last time. Be sure to check for the next DMC Diaries. Peace and Love, Gamers and Players! Colorwind out.

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