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Is money and the potential fan backlack the reason Half-Life 3 doesn't exist?


YouTube Channel The Know posted up a report (link below) that boils down the Half-Life 3 delay to two factors: money and fanboy shitstorms. Through Steam and its micro-transaction games like Team Fortress 2, Valve is possibly making billions a year and have no financial pressure to release Half-Life 3.

The second is that due to controversies surrounding games like Mass Effect 3 and the sheer potential so-called "fans" have to attack a game company through death threats, doxxing and the like, Valve is (perhaps justifiably) terrified of releasing Half-Life 3 because at this point, no game could possibly match the expectations of the consumer public, leading to the usual toxic temper tantrums that have shaken the industry and gaming communities over the past couple of years.

So what do you folk think? I for one don't want to believe Valve could be afraid of the gaming public, but remember that not so many months ago Valve tried to monetize fan-made mods for games like Skyrim. The backlash from the public was so intense that Valve pulled the plug within days. A wise capitalist would say don't fix what ain't broken.

But take a look at the video and share your opinions here.

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