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Game Pitch: Primal Rage: New Urth



This is an idea that I’ve been sitting on for some time now. I’ve always wondered what a new Primal Rage would look like and after thinking about this for what feels like a year, I’ve come up with a relatively simple idea, mostly due to one factor: the game needs to be a reimagining of the first game.

The original story of Primal Rage was a massive meteor strike destroyed civilization and in the aftermath, seven creatures hibernating in the earth’s crust awake and battle for control of the planet. The new story would be similar but with more detail and with a different aftermath:

In 2112, Earth is at the height of its global warming problem. The ozone layer around the planet has been nearly dissolved and scientists are desperate to find a way to reverse the damage done. One day, a meteor shower heads towards Earth and breaks through the ozone layer. Without the atmosphere to burn them up before reaching the surface, mankind is devastated by the shower, which destroys major metropolitan cities, farms, and various areas all around the world. However, it also awakens ancient beasts and monsters from the Earth’s core long thought to be extinct millions of years ago or purely fictional. These creatures start terrorizing mankind, as well as fighting amongst themselves. This winds up splitting humanity up into two camps: those who wish to serve the beasts and those who want to fight them. Those who want to fight them create man-made organisms and robots to combat the creatures. While this is happening, scientists have found a solution to the global warming problem. However, it requires a high surge of power which can only come from the creatures from the core. Can the man-made creatures defeat and capture the beasts or will they destroy civilization and conquer the planet as the New Urth?

The new plot does not have civilization destroyed from the start, though they are devastated. This allows for a plot featuring man versus beast and for more destructible stages since these fights will take place in areas still populated by man and therefore, with buildings and structures to fight among. The game will be in 2D and the stages will be interactable, allowing you to grab things and hurt your opponent with them, as well as slam them against items and structures. The following stages will be included:

  • Metropolitan: a city with a vast population, numerous skyscraper buildings, and a lot of cars on the road. Fighters can slam their opponents into the buildings in the background, and pick up and throw cars. Characters can be impaled on the point of one of the buildings in the background as a stage execution.
  • Plantation: a vast area with crops planted with various farmers equipment, such as tractors and crop dusters, in the background that can be used.
  • Village Island: a primitive village with a volcano in the background. Characters can be thrown onto the huts in the background. Characters can be thrown into the volcano for a stage execution.
  • Desolation Beach: beach near a pier during a rainy day. Various attractions such as arcade machines, ferris wheels, and food stands can be grabbed and thrown, and characters can be knocked into the pier’s supports until it collapses.
  • Endless Desert: desert with rolling hills and a sand whirlpool in the background. Sand can be kicked to disable fighters briefly. Characters can be knocked into the whirlpool as a stage execution.
  • Greenwich Township: outdoor area with small shopping centers. Lampposts can be thrown.
  • Capitalism Center: shopping mall with an open center. Various store signs, statues and other items can be interacted with.
  • New Urth Jungle: a forest / jungle area with numerous trees, vines, and shrubbery. Trees can be knocked into, vines can be swung from, and branches can be thrown. Characters can be impaled on a fallen tree in the background as a stage execution.
  • Discarded Ruins: grassy area with stone ruins in the background. Some stones can be thrown. Characters can be slammed against others.
  • Forgotten Cave: a dank cave filled with rocks, stalagmites, and stalactites. Characters can be skewered on the stalagmites and stalactites as a stage execution.
  • Frozen Crust Mountain: a flat surface on top of a mountain. Snow can be kicked to disable fighters briefly. Characters can be thrown off the mountain as a stage execution.
  • Sea Excursion: aboard an aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean. Planes, and icebergs floating by can be grabbed and thrown. Characters can be knocked into the ocean for a stage execution. Sharks will attack the fighter before they are ripped in half by a giant kraken.

The game will have four attack buttons, split up into two high attacks and two low attacks. Special and Super Moves will be available and will be done in Mortal Kombat style. Fatalities will also be available and will be called executions. Depending on the fighter, they will use their arms or head for high attacks, and legs or tails for low attacks. Combos will not be the focus and in this way will resemble Street Fighter IV in gameplay, relying more on pokes, spacing, and fundamentals. However, combat will be faster, much like Mortal Kombat X. There will be 20 characters to choose from in total, all of which will be available at the beginning:

  1. Sauron: a tyrannosaurus rex resurrected after the meteor shower. This beast doesn’t seem to have any desires to conquer the planet or destroy humanity. It’s sole purpose seems to be to feed and is the most animalistic of the beasts.
  2. Blizzard: a giant gorilla who was unfrozen from the mountains after the meteor shower. He wishes to rule over the other beasts and enslave humanity so that he can recreate Urth according to his vision.
  3. Diablo: a dragon unearthed by the meteor shower. He wants to destroy the planet in its entirety and lives only to cause pain and suffering. If successful, he’ll transform Urth into a living hell.
  4. Chaos: a giant baboon who was brought back by the meteor shower. He wishes destroy the other beasts so he can rule mankind. Chaos is the crudest of the beasts and wants only to rule mankind for self-serving and childish reasons.
  5. Armadon: a bipedal triceratops brought back to life by the meteor shower. He aspires to capture the other beasts in order to study them. A scholar, he wants to examine them for his experiments to better understand how the meteor resurrected them.
  6. Talon: a raptor resurrected by the meteor shower. She wants to capture humans as food for her babies, whom she believes to have been resurrected as well. However, she has yet to find them. (I know Talon was male in the original. I changed that.)
  7. Vertigo: a cobra with four legs brought back by the meteor shower. She feeds off of brain waves and wishes to enslave all of humanity through mind control.
  8. Monolith: a giant wooly mammoth brought back by the meteor shower. He wishes to destroy all man-made creations, which he has deemed evil and destructive, in order to save the planet.
  9. Trident: a King Ghidora like monster resurrected by the meteor shower. It’s three heads are torn between helping the other beasts, helping mankind, and indifference. This makes Trident the wild card in the fight between humanity and beasts.
  10. Covert: a giant mantis thought to have been brought back by the meteor shower but her re-emergence is a mystery. She hasn’t attacked cities or the other beasts yet. Instead she has been living quietly in the jungle until the man-made creatures were loose. As a result, her motives are unknown.
  11. Crush: a giant golem resurrected by mankind. Israeli scientists bring to life an old primitive statue from an old Israeli ruin. He wishes to save mankind from the beasts.
  12. Fury: a giant sabre tooth tiger genetically created by mankind. The result of a genetic experiment with sabre tooth fossils, Sabre sees himself as a freak of nature and has aligned himself with no one.
  13. Felizia: a giant Eurasian wolf mutated by mankind. German scientists grew and control Felizia with electric circuits implants in its brain. She is being controlled to help mankind.
  14. Macca: a giant snap turtle mutated by mankind. Italian scientists grew and trained Macca in order to help mankind’s fight with the beasts. Macca has a playful attitude and sees this fight as a game.
  15. Residue: a failed experiment by French scientists. Scientists attempted to enlarge a normal man to gigantic proportions but in addition to growth, his skin mutated to be extra porous. This caused his body to be covered in moss. He now fights for mankind, hoping that scientists can find a cure.
  16. Kurtis: a giant rat created by Spanish scientists. Driven mad by his transformation, he is an unreliable ally in the fight against the beasts.
  17. T38 Mach 2:  a robot created by American scientists. It’s programmed to help mankind.
  18. Dreadnought: a mech created by Japanese scientists. Piloted by Gorou Fujimoto, he is to assist the fight for mankind.
  19. Thelonius: a centaur recreated by mankind. Greek scientists used computer reconstruction to create a centaur from mythology. He helps mankind due to the promise that others of his species can be created as well.
  20. Shockwave: a giant crab created by mankind. Australian scientists mutated a normal Fiddler crab into a giant. She fights for mankind but her commitment seems less than reliable.

The game will feature Ladder, Time Attack, Training, and Practice modes offline and ranked, player, tournament, and spectator modes online. As you play and win online, you will gain more followers. This will eventually unlock new skins and color palettes. Going through each character in Ladder mode will unlock their endings. Covert will serve as the final boss.

And that is my idea for a new Primal Rage. What do you think? Is it a good idea, a bad idea? Would you like to see Primal Rage make a return? Let me know in the comment section. Peace and Love, Gamers and Players! Colorwind out.

(image by conceptibot)

Originally posted on colorwynd.wordpress.com

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