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LaserRot #1: Badlands


Welcome brothers and sisters. I had originally planned to write a series based on my time living in a turn of the century French bordello, but my memories of it are shady at best. So I have decided to make a slight detour into a similar topic.
LaserRot is a series looking at a line of arcades that were ahead of their time and raked in an absolute fortune in quarters, right up to the point that they all broke down and then the industry crashed the fuck out.

Yes, you've guessed it...
Oh wait, maybe you haven't.. well, it's Laserdisc Games.

I'm going to be looking at some of the titles that fell between the cracks. It's one thing to be aware of Don Bluth's Dragon's Lair trilogy, but it's another to hear about Freedom Fighter or Bega's Battle.
This is information and history that every single gamer should know about.
What's that?.. Shuttup, yes it is.
*locks exit*

I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I already regret starting this series.

They didn't even call him back for Sunset Riders.
Clearly, once you leave Konami, it's as if you never existed.

Thanks kindly for reading, much appreciated. I hope you enjoyed a look back at this forgotten gem game. I'm always interested in your stories, memories, feedback and darling conversation. Hope to see you here next time, when the pictures will be smaller.
Until then, the floor is open, so grab the mic, friends.

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