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Playstation Plus Vs. Xbox Live Gold: More Bang For Your Buck


I was asked a really tough question the other day. I was asked what online service I liked better, Xbox Live Gold or the Playstation Plus Network. Without a doubt in my mind, I chose the PSN. Having experienced them both extensively, I have no real argument about the two.

Why is this?: First off, if I'm paying for an online service for a gaming console, I want my money to go a long way. I want to feel like my money isn't being completely wasted, and my Xbox Live subscription made me feel like I wasn't hardly paying for anything that wasn't free on PSN already. Upon further inspection, I really wasn't, I was paying 50 bucks a year to talk with friends and get shitty games. The first month I had started using PS Plus however, I got almost 50 dollars in content the day I bought my PS4. The Playstation Plus Program offers more than Gold ever did and ever will.

The games: Xbox has made it very clear that they just want money, their free games are usually games everyone already owns. This month, they're giving out Plants VS Zombies and Gears of War 3 for xbox 360 and Assasin's Creed Black Flag and So Many Me. The only game I haven't already bought and played is So Many Me, the other games are titles everyone have ALREADY FUCKING PLAYED. PSN is giving away Rocket League, Styx, Mousecraft, Entwined, Rain, and Geometry Wars Dimensions. Not only are there more games for you to try out, Rocket League is brand new! They did this with Binding Of Issac: Rebirth and Oddworld New And Tasty. These games are new, awesome, and worth way more than the Xbox lineup. I'd much rather play a new game that's exciting and worth 20 dollars than a game I have on my phone that's regularly worth around 5. Plus, most of the games for free download are cross platform. If they were meant for PS3, you can often download them for PS4 as well. One instance was when I recieved 4 free games on my PS4 that I could play on other systems as well! Way better than one or two games you already own. More bang for your buck. 

Other Features/Discounts: Xbox Live Gold doesn't bring me that much. You can acces Netflix and other apps sure, but you can do that for free on PSN. They charge you for talking in a party, but on PSN you can do it for free. On Xbox, you can pay to upload videos to Twitch and Youtube, on PSN, you can for free. See the pattern here? The discounts on PSN are better too, there are currently 20 dollar games on sale for 1.50 right now. 

Closing Thoughts: Although my personal prefrence is different from others, I feel that your money isn't wasted if you choose Playstation Plus. Xbox Live Gold is ok, but for how much it costs, it's really not worth it. 

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