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I Don't Think Nintendo Wants Us To Buy Their Products Anymore.



This is just getting ridiculous, more Amiibo, more problems. Nintendo had the gall to announce that the Palutena Amiibo will now be an Amazon exclusive figure, meaning there is only one real way to get it. Online. You can hope Nintendo will let you buy one, or you can order it from someone overseas for more money, either way it's all online, so there's one way to get one. Too bad if you can't order anything online, they don't want to put these on store shelves. They sure love making shit hard for us to buy.

Recently, my friends found me a Ness Amiibo. This particular figure is a Gamestop exclusive. There are only two Gamestops within reach for all of the gamers in our community making it even harder to even see one let alone get one. When they got to Gamestop, the employees there said they only got 5 of them in their shipment, same with the other location. Now if you add that up, there were only 10 Ness Amiibo for sale in the entire city of Eugene, and Springfield (the only other location.) This is madness! How the hell can everyone get what they want if Nintendo only supplies 10 of a product everybody wants for 2 big cities? It's borderline impossible! Friends overseas don't have this problem either! They can sell them at FUCKING 7-11 IN JAPAN! People often ask me if we can find Little Mac or Rosalina here in the States, and I have to groan and tell them how hair pullingly hard it is to find one here. This shouldn't be a problem if they can supply everywhere else! There aren't any store exclusives there, so why here?! 

That whole store exclusive buisness practice is driving me crazy. Shulk and Ness are Gamestop, Rosalina is Target, Meta Knight and Dark pit are Best Buy, and Lucario is Toys R Us. Why the hell can't they all be in the same store?!

This is the way it should be.


And then, Nintendo announced that the only way to get the Darkness Bowser or Donkey Kong Skylander/Amiibo figures is to buy the special starter pack for both 3ds and Wii U! Each "Darkness Edition" pack is $99.99, so it's going to cost even more money to get one, plus the fact that they're special edition! Sorry collectors, looks like your collection won't be complete after all. 

I still can't get a preorder on the Chibi Robo Zip Lash Amiibo/game, and that's the ONLY WAY TO GET ONE! All of these factors contribute to the fact that they're making it harder for consumers over here in the U.S. to buy the product they want. They keep talking about sales figures and all of these reasons for them to wriggle their way out of answering questions they don't want to answer. I'm slowly starting to lose faith in the company, and you all should be too if they keep this up.

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