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JStars Victory Vs+ Review


JStars Victory Vs+ Review

Yesterday afternoon, I completed my playthrough of J Stars Victory Vs+. I had so much fun with it, that I can look past all of it's shortcomings and lackluster story mode and simply have a good time.

First Impressions/story: When you first boot up the game, you are treated to an awesome 3d styalized cutscene of the characters kicking butt. This got me so excited to play the game I could hardly contain myself! I had some friends over that night, so the first thing we did was to head straight to multiplayer... and realize 95% of the characters were locked. This forced us to play through story mode for a little bit.. The extremely so-so story mode. I thought that some effort would go into it's main story, but it's honestly just a boring way to learn how to play and unlock characters. Not the most fun 4 hours we've ever spent.

Gameplay: The gameplay here is a strange thing, especially for a brawler game, almost every fighter controls differently! There are different ways to charge up your stamina meter and unleash trademark attacks, varied levels of combos and transformations, and special moves to destroy the environment around you and to tear your opponents a new one. I honestly wish it was deeper for all characters though. Chacters like Luffy and Gon have different attacks and "modes" they can transform into, but characters like Bobobo don't have the same depth. Some are shallow, some are deeper, it doesn't make much sense in the long run, but they're all fun to control in the end! The game itself isn't broken or clunky, the camera is good, and the music and environments are faithful depictions of classic locations. It's fun, but not very deep.

Character Roster/stages: This factor is the biggest part of the game for the fans. There are a ton of characters, but I was honestly a bit dissapointed with the lack of any I really wanted to see. One Piece is my favorite Shonen series of all time, it has memorable characters, an awesome kickass main cast, and tons of scenes and places to fight in. Taking this fact into consideration, I was excited to see what crew members I would get to play as, and where I would be brawling, but as soon as I started playing however, I realized I wouldn't be seeing hardly any of either of those things. This particular game doesn't have the best roster of characters even though there are plenty. You can play as the main characters, a side character or two, and their main villain. All other characters they decided to include have been pushed aside to either static images for story mode or assist characters that don't really matter. It would be really cool to play as Yoh from Shaman King, or Kid Muscle from Ultimate Muscle, but they're overshadowed by characters like Medaka or Taro Yamada. I did some research, and some of the fighters they included in the game as main playable characters aren't even from a popular series! I wish they would have made the character roster more for the fans (since they're the ones buying the game) or at least put the effort in to get rid of assist characters to make them playable. it's a sad day when beloved icons get pushed aside to become glorified assist trophies. Some new characters have been rumored to appear in a DLC pack, but they should have been in the main game from the very beginning, and there's no garuantee they'll be included. It's just a rumor, and I'm hoping that rumor comes true.

Look at all the characters! (too bad you can't play as half of them..)

Get it if you want: A fun, simplistic brawler with different Shonen Characters.

Don't get it if: You're looking for a character you want or a complex combat system or story.

Closing thoughts: I like this game, it's not my favorite but I'm happy to have it in my collection! I'll pop it in, play for a bit, and switch to something else, and there's nothing wrong with that in my eyes. If you're looking for something deep and complex with an excellent story, I wouldn't reccomend it. If you're looking for a fun party game where you can beat your friends up as anime characters, then you'll have a fun time. It's not for everyone, but diehard fans will have a blast.


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