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Goodbye Satoru Iwata. We'll miss you.


Tonight, instead of posting a review or something based on one of my opinions. I would like to say goodbye to a big part of my childhood, and many other's as well. Mr. Iwata produced many of the games I grew up with, games and memories I will treasure forever. He has taken me on adventures to far away places, and let me escape the real world to live in worlds he brought to life. He has put a smile on faces all over the world, but tonight, all of those smiles have turned bittersweet and broken. 

He was a great man and he will be missed, nobody will ever be the same as he was. There was and will always be only one Iwata. And I know you're in a better place now, but you'll always be missed here.

So tonight, I say my final farewell to you Mr. Iwata. 

We'll miss you big guy, thank you for all of the memories.


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