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Having To Wait: Yoshi's Wooly World


Gah, this looks like so much fun!

My paitence is truly being tested with this game, and it's getting worse because everyone else in the world gets it before we do. 

I love the Yoshi games, and back in 2013, I fanboy screamed when it was first revealed. At the time, I didn't know how long away it was, but I waited paitently for a release date for about 2 years. Then, during this year's E3, Nintendo announced the release dates... And Nintendo fans everywhere in the US all let out a collective grumble. We would be getting the game almost 4 months after everybody else. 

The concept of the US getting a game later than anyone else is usually to make sure it's translated properly and appropriate for release. All signs of religion and suggestive refrence are removed in order to keep an E rating. Games driven by dialouge like Pokemon are the most common example of this. Sometimes the differences are small, and some are big, so the release times are always different. The latest game however has been released on the same date everywhere aside from Europe where it was released 7 days later. 

One of the worst cases of waiting for a game would be Yokai Watch, the US is just now getting the game 2 years later than Japan, and everywhere else gets it sometime in 2016. My younger brother has been waiting so long to play Yokai watch, I considered importing it for him but my efforts would be fruitless. Every Nintendo published game outside of the US is reigon locked so even if I bought it on Amazon, there would be no way for him to play it without a Japanese 3ds.

So for now, we'll just have to wait to play it. Everybody else seems to be enjoying it so far, so I'm sure I will too. Until then, I'll be waiting. 

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