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Yoshi's Woolly Disaster


(The following post contains a lot of hyperbole for comedic effect. I forgot that some people get legitimately upset over video games :/)

 Yoshi's Woolly World is Coming out this Month!!!

Wait wha- what's that? It's not coming to North America till October?! bu- but why? Why...

Nintendo, I've had it! I'm sick of your Bourgeois, we're the king of the world attitude! Long have I defended your name. How I have spoken about the care you have for your consumer, BUT no longer! Now you shall join the ranks of Hades among EA, and Ubisoft! A level of Hell so vile that even the mentioning of its name shall bring conviction of repentence in the hearts of any man! You, however are not a man, but a monster! You are but a sheep in wolves clothing... er... A clothing in sheep's wolves... uh... A wolf in sheeps clothing, that's the one!

In all seriousness, this is ridiculous Nintendo. This isn't Nintendo's first offence either. Whether it's their poor handling of Amiibo distribution, which at this point I feel it's fair to say that Nintendo is purposefully doing in order to create false demand. Or their archaic online systems, or locking large amounts of DLC behind Amiibo... Or any of the other shady/stupid things Nintendo has been doing, Nintendo seems to be really screwing up and adding to their growing notoriety. It's sad that a company can be making such great consumer friendly titles like Splatoon, or really any of their other games really, and yet continue to do just plain stupid things.

While Amiibo's have really been a major and growing issue for my relationship with Nintendo. This Yoshi thing really, really bothers me. Not just because it's poor buisness and anti-consumer, but mostly because it's just stupid. It makes ZERO SENSE. See the usual reason for doing something like this is for translation reasons. However, being already translated into English for the UK version, that reason is irrelevant. So then, why in Bowser's Castle would Nintendo do this? The only reason I can think of is because they want to release the game around the Holiday season. Which is genius right?! Get all dat Holiday cash!


Why? Here's a few games coming out in that time frame. Call of Duty, Ass Creed, Halo 5, Star Wars: BF, Just Cause 3, oh yeah, and a little game called Fallout 4. That's a lot of competition there. "But dos are awl M games, Yoshi iz for babyz lul, they arn't in competition", you may say. I will refer you to the above gif. Sure, to be fair Yoshi games are usually aimed at a younger audience. I mean, if you ignore all of Nintendo's E3 coverage insisting this wasn't a game just for kids... The fact of the matter is that, the holiday "kid" demographic could still have this game sold to them around the holidays, but running ads on an already released game is just not koshier apparently. Right now, there is nothing. No major game releases. I'm willing to bet the majority of Wii-U owners are not families but "gamers" like myself. That's based on my expirence working at a game store where people would ask me about that portable wii thing (great job with advertising the wii-u btw Nintendo). We're dying to play something here Nintendo. There's nothing to play. NOTHING.

I just want to be happy and play as an adorable Wool Dinosaur... Is that too much to ask? I just can't understand this decision.

My condolences to those is Europe who've had to put up this incompetence all their lives.

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