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Sci-fi MMORPG Project Genom - video and the game became available on Greenlight


Hi everyone!

Please see the new video - it realy good work

Starting July 7, Russian MMORPG Project Genom is waiting to get the go-ahead from Steam Greenlight - everyone and anyone can support our project during the voting stage.
After people deserted Earth, they took to the stars, searching for a new home. Their journey was not easy - encountered aggressive space inhabitants, surviving the hostile environments of new planets, plighted by lack of resources and other setbacks of a young pioneer.
The game, developed by Neuronhaze, an independent studio, is a multiplayer shooter with elaborate role system. In addition to a non-linear narrative, a non-target combat system and a great variety of weapons, the developers intend to deliver on their promises to enable players to build their own transport, droids and even spaceship for interplanetary travel.
Another distinctive feature of the game is the character leveling system that has no limitations as to the number and nature of skills, with each skill’s level dependent on how often a player uses a certain ability. Addicted to shooting a pistol? Well, then soon this weapon will become lethal in your hands.
Big guns alone will not save the human race. Fans of hand-to-hand fighting will have a chance to shine with swords and glaives. You can also obtain special equipment in the form of huge robots, exoskeletons with unique weapons, or mutate beyond recognition while acquiring new abilities.
The game world is not all about fighting either. A developed system of crafting and resource procurement will allow players to create any items on their own, while a living world will always have new adventures in store.
You can find out more about the project and support it with your vote on the game’s page on Steam Greenlight.
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