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stop me if you've heard this one...


but i don't know what to do with an impulsively made blog account...

it's a struggle i've been dealing with for years! i've had tumblrs, bloggers, twitters, deviantarts, etc. name it and i've probably made an account on impulse and never stuck with it because as much as i enjoy writing and the feeling of have written i get nervous and psych myself out.

and of course there are other anxities like grammar and punctuation but i'm sloooowly weaning myself off of worrying about that and just focus on the actual writing and that i know that my grammar and punctuation is okay and if there are errors then that's what editing is for.

also of course is that i'm trying to figure out what i want to write about. something something videogames, something something movies, rap music, something; i don't know and the crumpled up virtual papers in my laptop can attest to that.

but i'll figure it out though and engage in the community more.

because games are fun and shit.

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