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An Open Message To Nintendo About Amiibo


This whole Amiibo stunt you guys keep pulling is not ok. 

I've been rational about this whole situation, I blamed scalpers yesterday and I've blamed their popularity in the past. But you know what? it's not just the average consumer ruining the experience... It's YOU Nintendo.

A few minutes ago, I called Best Buy asking if I can Preorder the Pitoo (Dark Pit) Amiibo. Their response? "Sorry, Nintendo decided to not do preorders on this particular Amiibo." That's really funny considering Nintendo blamed scarcity and preorder issues on the stores that sell them. Who exactly is telling the truth here? The answer is simple, Nintendo is full of it. To confirm this, I called around to different stores as well. When I called GameStop, the answer was "We're trying to supply Amiibos to the customer, but Nintendo doesn't seem to want that. Their preorders are almost non-existent now.. Yeah. They won't let us place Preorders anymore man, sorry." I called Target and the same thing from them, no preorders... ON ANYTHING. Don't believe anything they're saying about trying to get the product to the common consumer. If they were trying as hard as they say they are, there would be none of this "Store exclusive" and "Inability to preorder" crap.


Any Amiibo collector will recognize this sight. That's because Nintendo loves supplying the consumers with the bullshit Amiibos everyone else already has. There should be a constant stream of Ness, Villager, and Captain Falcon, but there's not. The only real characters anyone can buy are Mario, Pikachu, Bowser, Luigi and Yoshi. Why is this? Because They don't really know how supply and demand works. We demand the product, you supply the product. The market should be flooded with the ones we actually want to own, Marth, not Peach. I have NEVER seen a physical copy of the Mighty Dedede in person. One of the only Amiibo I actually want and I've never even seen one. I've seen pictures, but that doesn't count for anything.  

Oh SWEET! Look at all the Amiibo I won't be able to buy!

The ONLY Amiibo I have ever seen from wave 4 is PacMan. No Charizard. No Jigglypuff. No Robin. And especially NO NESS.

It doesn't help that Ness is a GAMESTOP EXCLUSIVE. There is only one place you can actually buy it, and they never have any because YOU WON'T LET US PLACE ORDERS FOR THEM. Good luck finding one, they might as well be Bigfoot, because I will NEVER be able to find one. 

This really doesn't make me want to support this product. You announced a new Animal Crossing Amiibo game at E3 this year. I CAN'T get excited about this at all because there's no chance of finding any. I want the whole set, I love Animal Crossing with a passion! I'm especially fond of the Tom Nook and Isabelle figures, they look fantastic! Too bad I won't be able to get any of them. Same with the Cibi-Robo Amiibo. I can only get one with the special edition of the game. I'd be happy to pay more for it if I got the Amiibo too, but again.. WE CAN'T PREORDER IT ANYWHERE.

If ANYONE from Nintendo is listening, hear my plea. Make it easy for people to buy the ones they want, make an online store or something, ANYTHING to get the product into the hands of the consumer. The way I see it, you guys really screwed up, and until you fix this, my opinion stands firm. Get your act together.

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